Prominent Conservative Lawmakers Campaigning to End No-Fault Divorce

Now here’s a law I support.

Joking, joking.

I don’t support laws or governments. Not if they’re democracies. They are illegitimate entities.

The US is a tyranny, and any attempt to roll back the tyranny is just a ruse.

The Guardian:

Some prominent conservative lawmakers and commentators are advocating for ending no-fault divorce, laws that exist in all 50 US states and allow a person to end a marriage without having to prove a spouse did something wrong, like commit adultery or domestic violence.

It’s a contract that either party can break for any reason or no reason at any time.

It’s not an actual contract.

You cannot get married in a country with no-fault divorce.

If it can be ended at any time for no reason, it’s not actually a marriage.

The socially conservative, and often religious, rightwing opponents of such divorce laws are arguing that the practice deprives people – mostly men – of due process and hurt families, and by extension, society. Republican lawmakers in Louisiana, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Texas have discussed eliminating or increasing restrictions on no-fault marriage laws.

Defenders of the laws, which states started passing a half-century ago, see legislation and arguments to repeal them as the latest effort to restrict women’s rights – following the overturning of Roe v Wade and passage of abortion bans around the country – and say that without such protections, the country would return to an earlier era when women were often trapped in abusive marriages.

No-fault divorce is critical to the ability, particularly the ability of women, to be able to exercise autonomy in their own relationships, in their own lives,” said Denise Lieberman, an adjunct professor at the Washington University School of Law in St Louis, who has a specialty in policies concerning gender, sexuality and sexual violence.

Lieberman, huh?


Before 1969, when then California Republican governor Ronald Reagan, who had been divorced, approved the country’s first no-fault divorce law, women, who are more likely to experience violence from an intimate partner, were often forced to stay in marriages. If they could not prove that their husband had been abusive or persuade him to grant a divorce, they would not be able to take any assets from the marriage or remarry, according to a study in the Quarterly Journal of Economics.

Yeah, Reagan was also the abortion lord.

It’s unclear why he’s celebrated as a conservative hero.

Or maybe it is clear…?

States around America gradually followed suit and passed similar laws allowing unilateral divorce until 2010, when New York became the last state to approve the practice.

Between 1976 and 1985, states that passed the laws saw their domestic violence rates against men and women fall by about 30%; the number of women murdered by an intimate partner declined by 10%; and female suicide rates declined by 8 to 16%.

Newsflash: there’s no such thing as “domestic violence.”

Without such laws, “it’s hard to prove anything in court relating to a family because you don’t have any witnesses”, said Kimberly Wehle, professor at the University of Baltimore School of Law. “It’s very difficult to get evidence to show abuse of children. How do you do it? Do you put your kids on the stand?”

Conservative commentators such as Matt Walsh, Steven Crowder and lawmakers such as the Republican senator JD Vance of Ohio have argued that the laws are unfair to men and hurt society because they lead to more divorces.

The divorce rate in the United States increased significantly from 1960, when it was 9.2 per 1,000 married women, to 22.6 in 1980. But by 2022, the rate had fallen to 14.5.

Those numbers are totally meaningless.

You don’t get divorced the same time you get married. So there is no proper way to calculate divorce rates.

Most millennials didn’t get married until their 30s, if they got married at all. Something close to 100% of those marriages are going to end in divorce. It just hasn’t happened yet.

Also, this whole “live-in partner” thing is a “common law marriage,” and these get dissolved constantly and are not included in the statistics.

You have to end women’s rights.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.