American Jew in Israel Tells Jews to Flee US Now While They Still Can

So, I just watched a bunch of videos of Jews in Israel at the airport fleeing the country because they’re about to officially declare war on Hezbollah.

Meanwhile, Jews in New York are warning American Jews to “get the hell out while you still can.”

This is, you know… this has happened a lot in history.

Jews are always fleeing places. That is universal throughout their history, going back to the formation of their religion in the first century AD.

For those who don’t understand: “Judaism” is not older than Christianity. A group of Jews killed Jesus. Then many of the people in the region became Christians. Then the Romans, led by Titus, came and burned the bitch down in 70 AD, destroying their temple, meaning they couldn’t practice their old customs anymore. Then, because the Jews wouldn’t stop mutilating the penises of their sons, Hadrian came in and really wrecked the place, leading the Jews to flee. That was the first fleeing. Then they created a new religion, more or less totally unrelated to the religion of the Old Testament.

They fled to all kinds of places, such as North Africa and southern Russia. And then, over the next two millennia, were just getting run out of everywhere.

Eventually, they said they were going to build their own country so people would stop running them out. But they decided to build their country in the stupidest place imaginable – right in the middle of the Islamic holy land. They will tell you it was part of their religion to return there, but it really wasn’t. That is just a big retcon. There were some religious sects who wanted to put their state there, but it was small. It’s not like they couldn’t go there and live at the time. In the 1930s, at the beginning of the Zionist project, Palestine (or at least Jerusalem, the statistics are sort of difficult) was like 10-15% Jewish. Any Jews who wanted to go there were allowed to go live in Palestine.

Anyway, now they’re on the verge of getting run out of their own “state.”

While they’re also saying it’s time to flee America.

New York Post:

A former New Yorker whose brother was stabbed to death by a Palestinian in the West Bank is begging his Jewish brethren to “wake up” and ditch the land of bagels and lox in favor of the land of milk and honey.

Queens native Hillel Fuld, who moved to Israel at 15, believes Israel is the safest place for Jews — as antisemitic crimes soar in the US.

Jews, get out now. Get the hell out while you still can,” Fuld warned in an interview with The Post.

Hillel Fuld

The 45-year-old married father of five who lives between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem called the recent spate of violent attacks in his native New York and around the US “heartbreaking” — and labeled last week’s Los Angeles attack at an anti-Israel rally a “legitimate modern-day pogrom.”

“Read the writing on the wall,” pleaded Fuld, whose older brother, Ari, 45, was stabbed to death near his home in Efrat by a 17-year-old Palestinian.

Ari Fuld

The tech guru with a massive social media presence claimed he’s not being “alarmist” when he draws parallels between what he hears about in his native New York City with the dangerous climate his Auschwitz survivor grandmother experienced as a youngster.

Those whose strategy is wait-and-see are in “denial,” said Fuld, noting the German Jews of the 1930s.

“We always say, ‘But we’re the most German people,’” he said, invoking a common refrain about the German Jews who didn’t think the Holocaust – and systematic slaughter of six million Jews – could befall humanity.

Fuld admitted that American Jews pushed back against his haunting harbingers, saying “the world is too civilized to let it happen again,” that “America is not Germany” and that “if we run away, they win,” he recalled of the skepticism.

But his assessment of the escalating chaos isn’t brimming with optimism.

We know what’s about to happen – and it’s going to happen fast. The genie is out of the bottle,” he said. “Antisemitism will only get worse and worse. Open a history book.

“I would love nothing more than to be wrong,” he said somberly. “But I don’t think I am.”

Personally, I would love nothing more than for you to be right.

Definitely, we’re going to see a lot of Jewish fleeing going on. It’s been several decades since they fled Russia, and nearly 100 years since they fled Germany. It’s definitely time for another big Jewish fleeing event.

But, with this whole thing where all Jews are obsessed with identifying with the slaughters of the Jewish state…

… combined with the fact that everyone is seeing these slaughters on the internet…

We have to ask:

Where are they going to flee to?

I support them all fleeing the US for Israel before they then lose a war with Iran.

I don’t know why they would do that, but apparently that is the plan some of them have.