Psychopathic Jew Howard Stern Says Ye is Like Adolf Hitler

The washed-up and not funny radio host Howard Stern is the latest Jew to come out and condemn beloved cultural figure Ye for his statements about the Jews.

“It’s the same old stuff with the Jews,” the ratty Jew Stern said on his unpopular show Wednesday. He went on to complain about people beating him with chains because he killed Jesus, falsely claiming that he did not kill Jesus.

Most bizarrely, the Jew Stern promoted a wild conspiracy theory that America is a Christian country controlled by a shadowy group of nameless “Anglo-Saxons.” Stern did not provide evidence for this debunked theory, or attempt to state the names of the secret Christian rulers.

Fact-checkers have repeatedly debunked false theories that Jews do not control America, yet Jewish extremists continue to spread this dangerous disinformation.

The Jew Stern also claimed that Ye is “mentally ill,” while also saying that he is not actually mentally ill and he is a threat. He cited Ye’s interview with the Jew-lover Chris Cuomo, who told Ye he should be taking mind-altering drugs to prevent him from talking about the Jews.

Many blacks are pointing out the fact that Stern has a history of saying “nigger” repeatedly in comedy bits, and therefore has no real ground to stand on in denouncing others for politically incorrect statements. A viral clip shared on Twitter in response to Stern’s Jewish attacks shows the Jew in black face, repeatedly saying the n-word. The clip appears to be from some time in the 1990s.

Stern has never been socially punished for having engaged in the same type of political incorrectness he now denounces. Because the Jews have a stranglehold on the media, Jews like Stern are able to skirt the rules of political correctness that the Jews themselves invented and enforce.

Stern is just the latest in a long line of extremist Jews to denounce the celebrated rapper and fashion icon. It has become difficult for the groups that monitor Jewish lies to compile a total list of the Jews slandering Ye, but an abridged list contains both the Jew Sam Harris and the Jew Ben Shapiro. Harris and Shapiro claim to be ideological enemies, and yet have both come to the exact same conclusion about Ye, leading many to believe that their supposed disagreements are a Jewish kabuki theatre designed to baffle non-Jews.

Jews refer to non-Jews as “the goyim,” and assert a right to rule over them. Experts have documented that Jews are the biggest threat not only to America, but to the world at large. Human rights organizations have called for the Jews to be sanctioned and deported to Israel, yet the Biden Administration continues to falsely assert that Jews are not attempting to subvert and destroy America.

Ye has vowed to continue on his quest to expose the Jews and their agenda, and to eventually become President of the United States, where he will enact a Christian agenda. In recent appearances, he has worn a hat that reads “2024,” believed to be an allusion to his plan to run for the nation’s highest office next cycle. During his interview with Drink Champs on Saturday, Ye stated that he would be happy to serve as Donald Trump’s vice president.

Trump has made public overture to Ye, tweeting to his Truth Social website that the Jews are ungrateful.