Putin Continues Agenda to Make Large, Healthy, White, Christian Families!

Westerners are telling people to have smaller families because it will change the weather.

Do you know that human contentedness is directly correlated to the size of the family? The larger the family a person is from, the more satisfied he is with his life.

It’s also profitable to have a big family.

And as you age, you realize: family members are the only people you can ever really trust.


Families with many children should become a dominant trend in modern Russia, President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday, insisting that achieving this goal should become the government’s utmost priority.

Speaking at the World Russian People’s Council – a forum organized under the auspices of the Russian Orthodox Church – to discuss the country’s future, Putin placed special emphasis on the importance of family values.

“Large families must become the norm, a way of life for all of Russia’s peoples,” he said, describing the family not only as the pillar on which the state and society stand, but also as “a source of morality.”

So true.

Putin went on to recall that many ethnic groups in Russia have maintained the tradition of having “multigenerational families” with at least four or five children. “Russian families, many of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers had seven, eight, or even more children,” he pointed out, urging everyone to “preserve and revive these excellent traditions.”

Russian officials have for many years attempted to improve what they describe as a “daunting” situation, as the country’s demographics are plagued by a plunging birth rate, including by providing parents with an incentive of several thousand dollars. Launched in 2007, this federal subsidy program allows the family to receive a payment for each child born.

Well, you can’t really solve the problem without addressing feminism.

That is really the elephant in the room.

As long as women have the option of having fun instead of having kids, they are going to choose fun.

However, the Russian president emphasized that while money and other benefits are extremely important to boost demographics, a person’s mindset could play a far more important role.

According to Putin, all levels of the Russian government should prioritize supporting families. “Preserving and increasing the population of Russia is our goal for the coming decades and even generations ahead,” he added.

As part of a campaign to promote family values, Putin last week declared 2024 the ‘Year of the Family’. He has also acknowledged that abortion remains an “acute problem,” suggesting Moscow  ban the sale of pregnancy-terminating drugs and improve the overall standard of living in the country to address the issue. 

Yeah, well.

He really just needs to ban abortion outright.

That goes a long, long way to solving the feminist problem. If you don’t provide welfare for single mothers, and you don’t allow abortion, you’ve cornered these sluts like rats.