Georgia: White Woman and Negro Accomplice Who Burned Down Wendy’s During BLM Riot Get Small Fine

Niggas be burned da Wendy?

Bitch, I ain’t even know it be like that.

$500 fine, btw.

Burn down a Wendy’s – pay $500.

Fox News:

Two of three people charged with arson in the burning of the Wendy’s restaurant in Atlanta where a police officer fatally shot Rayshard Brooks in June 2020 have pleaded guilty after reaching deals with prosecutors.

Chisom Kingston, Natalie White and John Wade were arrested on arson charges within weeks of the fire, which came in the midst of weeks of upheaval and protest across the country in the wake of George Floyd’s death under the knee of a Minneapolis police officer. A Fulton County grand jury in January 2022 indicted the trio on two counts each of first-degree arson and one count of conspiracy to commit first-degree arson.

Kingston and White on Thursday pleaded guilty to the charges and each received a sentence of five years of probation, a $500 fine and 150 hours of community service to be completed with a nonprofit organization within the first year of probation, according to online court records. They were each sentenced under Georgia’s first offender law, meaning that if they complete their sentences without violating the terms or committing another crime, their records will be wiped clean.

Video from 3 years ago

Wade’s case was still pending. He was in federal prison in West Virginia after pleading guilty in February 2022 to a charge of conspiracy to burn U.S. Postal Service vehicles. Amanda Young, a lawyer listed for him in court records, declined on Tuesday to comment on his Fulton County case or his co-defendants’ plea deals.

Khalil Eaddy, an attorney for Kingston, said his client is remorseful and is grateful to have this case behind him.

Now say he’s a good boy, going to school, going to church.

Say all those things.

“This is a good young man committed to his family and his community” Eaddy said in a press release Tuesday. “Since that night three years ago, he’s not only graduated from Georgia State University with plans to begin graduate school, he has kept the faith with our courts and with justice itself.”

Natalia White and Chisom Kingston

Drew Findling and Zack Kelehear, attorneys for White, said in a statement that their client resolved her case with a plea “after three years of litigation, on the eve of a specially set jury trial.”

The fast food restaurant was set ablaze during a protest on June 13, 2020, the night after a police officer fatally shot Brooks.

It’s actually insane that you can burn down any business and get a $500 fine. You would think that doing it for political reasons would be an enhancer.

Certainly, the fact that J6 protesters committed trespassing for political reasons enhanced their trespassing sentences.

The justice system is too out of control. This isn’t sustainable. No government that has acted like this, that has had a multi-tiered politicized justice system, has lasted very long. You would think, just logically, that even if they agree with this ideologically, the government would be looking at this and saying “this isn’t viable, we can’t sustain a system that doesn’t have basic rules of justice.”

I mean, it’s not debatable. No system in history has been able to sustain this. I think the government people now are thinking that technology is going to make things different. It won’t, actually.

Here’s the historic event – Rayshard’s unjust death