Almost All of Russia’s Richest Billionaires Have Gotten Richer This Year

Vladimir Potanin is the richest man in Russia, for now

The Russian economy is doing great by any measure, and if you compare it to what is happening in the West, it is like the ultimate dragon from the best manga farting on a crippled raccoon.

The media doesn’t report it.

This Iron Curtain the West has erected has been a massive gift for Russia, as the entire world, outside of the Jew West, rallies around them, circling the wagons because they don’t want to be next.

Imagine if the right-wing had done that when Andrew Anglin got banned? Would things have happened differently?

When the Jews target and victimize someone, you have to circle the wagons, or they are going to pick you off one by one and eat you alive.

That is the number one thing I can tell you about Jew attacks: ALWAYS. CIRCLE. THE. WAGONS.

New York Post:

Russia’s richest oligarchs expanded their wealth in 2023, despite heavy sanctions on their homeland related to its invasion of Ukraine, according to figures from the Bloomberg Billionaire Index.

The total fortunes of Russian nationals who made the exclusive list ballooned by $38.6 billion since January 1, according to the data.

Economic sanctions following Moscow’s incursion into Ukraine have failed to hobble their fortunes — and in some cases may have helped fatten them further.

All told, six Russians are among the world’s top 100 billionaires, according to the Bloomberg roster.

A total of 25 Russians are among the 500 richest people around the globe, most of them involved in mining, oil and gas or dealing in precious metals.

Nickel baron Potanin’s wealth jumped by $1.9 billion to $30.5 billion year to date, according to the outlet.

But the tycoon’s coffers could soon take a hit as a result of an ongoing divorce war with his estranged wife, Natalia Potanin, which is unfolding in England.


No matter how good the economy is, you can’t blunt the cunt.

This bitch divorced him almost a decade ago, but she still wants more money

You have to implement Taliban-type laws against women if you want freedom and prosperity.

Otherwise, these cunts will bury you alive.

Putin is trying to ban abortion right now, and the liberals are pushing back. But the fact that he’s doing it means he knows what needs to be done to actually fix the damage that the collapse of the USSR did to Russia.

Natural gas magnate Mikhelson saw his $27.2 billion fortune jump by $2.5 billion this year thus far, the numbers show.

Alekperov, founder of oil and gas juggernaut Lukoil, increased his wealth by $8.8 billion to $24.2 billion this year.

However, all three men had faced various sanctions from Western nations after Russian President Vladimir Putin launched the invasion of Ukraine.

According to reports, wealthy businessmen close to the Russian strongman have profited from the conflict through their support of ramped-up weapons production.

Yeah, well. That’s a part of it.

But if weapons production alone helped the economy, you could just make a bunch of weapons and leave them lying around. You wouldn’t need a war.

Part of it, of course, is that China and others are buying weapons from Russia because everyone thinks the US is going to start invading more countries – because Biden and all these other people keep saying they’re planning to start all these new wars.

Sanctions didn’t work.


Russia’s economy is going to grow this year more than that of most countries that sanctioned it