Putin Gives New Statement on Crocus Massacre, Says the Ukraine Most Likely Behind It

The terrorists fled the site of the attack in the same car as they arrived in. It was a very obvious car, white with a black roof. Russian forces followed the car, not immediately stopping it, as they wanted to see where it was going. Eventually, they stopped the car in the forest, where they knew the terrorists couldn’t get out and kill more people or take hostages. But they only stopped the car after it was clear that it was headed for the Ukraine border.

This Crocus massacre was different than virtually every terrorist attack we’ve seen in the past, as the attackers did not plan to die during the attack. Usually, the entire purpose of a terrorist attack is that the attackers die as “martyrs.” These people are claiming they were paid money, and they obviously intended to survive.

The fact that they were driving to the Ukraine means that someone told them the Ukraine would let them in. They clearly believed that. These guys have all been tortured, which was obviously going to happen, and it would have been much more logical to simply die during the attack, especially if they are true “Islamic terrorists” who believe they get 72 virgins in paradise if they die killing random people.

Russia says that the Ukraine was opening up a border crossing for them. It seems to me that the issue is solved.


The deadly terrorist attack on the Crocus City Hall was a clear attempt to intimidate Russia and serves the interests of the Ukrainian government, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Monday. 

More than 130 people were killed at the concert venue northwest of Moscow on Friday evening, when several armed men began shooting into the crowd and set the hall on fire. Speaking with law enforcement and regional officials on Monday evening, Putin argued the atrocity fit the pattern of actions by Kiev.

This atrocity may be only a link in a whole series of attempts by those who have been fighting our country since 2014, using the neo-Nazi Kievregime as their hand,” Putin said.

The US and the EU swiftly insisted that Ukraine had nothing to do with the attack and that ISIS-K, a shadowy group allegedly operating in Afghanistan and Central Asia, was the sole culprit.

The US announced “Ukraine didn’t do it” exactly 55 minutes after the attack ended.

How would they know?

That announcement is just more proof not only that the Ukraine did do it, but that the US knew that the Ukraine did it.

Russian security services have apprehended a dozen suspects, including seven alleged perpetrators, intercepted as they drove towards the border with Ukraine. They were identified as Tajik nationals. Speaking on Monday evening, Putin described them as “radical Islamists.”

A question that needs answering is why the terrorists headed for Ukraine after carrying out the attack, Putin said.

“Who was waiting for them there? It is clear that those who support the Kiev regime do not want to be accomplices and sponsors of terrorism. But a lot of questions remain,” he added.

While Russia knows who pulled the trigger, the president said, Moscow still needs to find who gave the order. He made it clear that Kiev is his primary suspect, however.

With Ukraine’s military losing on the frontline, Kiev has attempted to breach the Russian border, shelled civilians in Belgorod and launched missiles at Crimea, Putin noted at the meeting. All of these actions “create a logical sequence to a terrorist attack,” seeking both to intimidate Russia and fortify domestic morale, so that Ukrainians would continue “obeying orders” from Washington and keep fighting, he added.

This is exactly what I said yesterday. I noted that Victoria Nuland, when visiting Kiev at the end of January, talked about “nice surprises” for Russia. As it happens, she repeated this on February 22, this time saying it would be “nasty surprises.”

It’s possible that many in the US are concerned about the direction this is going. In the days before the Crocus attack, the Americans were begging the Ukrainians to stop attacking Russian oil refineries. The Ukraine said no.

This is likely related to the Victoria Nuland firing from the State Department earlier this month: the Ukraine situation was getting out of control, and she was the main figure behind pushing for constant escalations.

The Crocus attack could have been something that Nuland planned before getting fired. In fact, she could have gotten caught planning it by others in Washington, and been fired because she was planning it, and then the Ukraine could have gone ahead with it. That’s obviously speculation, but it certainly fits with what we know right now, and fits with these statements by Nuland that she was planning a “surprise” for Russia.

Regardless of the details: the killers were driving to the Ukraine. The Ukraine was opening a border crossing. The Kiev regime is responsible.

If these people were seriously Islamic, they would be attacking Israel. They would also want to die during their attack instead of getting tortured and sent to prison and then still die (Russia is going to bring back the death penalty for these faggots).

“ISIS-K” is not even a real thing. It’s just a codename for CIA-controlled terrorists currently harassing the Taliban. When the US comes out and says “it’s not the Ukraine, it’s ISIS-K,” they’re saying “it’s not our asset #1, it’s our asset #2.”

This attack is too outrageous, too intolerable. The Ukrainians must be made to pay for it.