Jew Face Plastered on Rutgers University Flyers for Anti-Israel Referendum

Palestine activists found an ugly, illiterate, homosexual Jew and used his picture on a flyer, as if to say “this is what you’re fighting against!”

New York Post:

Someone at Rutgers University cruelly plastered a Jewish freshman’s face on flyers for an anti-Israel referendum — the latest act of “unabated antisemitism” at the New Jersey school, the student told The Post.

“Free Palestine” and “Free Gaza,” said the flyers with Rivka Schafer’s mug on them, urging a “yes” vote for the university to divest from Israel.

They were plastered throughout the Demarest Hall dorm on Thursday morning.

I don’t feel safe in my own dorm,” said Schafer, 19.

It targeted me where I live. That’s not just terrifying, that’s outright harassment, that’s antisemitism.”

Jewish whining should be replaced with ChatGPT, so as to switch up some of this vocabulary. “TERRIFYING – HARASSMENT – ANTISEMITISM” is something we are all very bored of. It’s like a recording.

A report was filed with the Rutgers University Police Department but Schafer left meetings with campus police and administrators feeling “completely unsafe” and “targeted for religious beliefs.”

The BDS campaign — which stands for boycott, divestment and sanction, and is banned in many states including New Jersey — attempts to delegitimize Israel by pushing individuals and entities from doing business with the Jewish state.

While many American states ban boycotting Israel (which is a violation of the US Constitution), that is only because Jews control America. Many countries have cut relations with Israel.

Most of the world is against Israel. This is not an outrageous position to take.

Rutgers students had until Friday at 11:59 p.m. to vote on referendum targeting the school’s investments in companies tied to Israel and its partnership with Tel Aviv University, which began in 2020.

The controversial vote has only amplified the hostility Jewish students have felt on campus, Schafer said.

Not a single Jewish student feels safe simply walking to the bus stop,” the student said.

Yeah, well – maybe they should move to Israel then.

None of us ever wanted these people in our country in the first place. No one asked for them. Since they’ve been here, they’ve done nothing but create problems.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.