Putin has Roid Rage and Dementia, Western Intel Claims Without Evidence

Experts also believe Adolf Putin only has one testicle, which is also a part of the reason for his aggressiveness.

This is just that same outrageous and moronic “unnamed sources” bullshit they did with Iraq, and more recently, to Donald Trump.

You really wouldn’t think that these same dumb tricks would just keep working indefinitely.

But it do be like that.

New York Post:

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “increasingly erratic behavior” could be caused by ‘roid rage or a brain disorder such as dementiaaccording to a new report.

People close to the Kremlin and high-up Western intelligence sources told the Mail on Sunday they think there is a medical condition to explain the Russian despot’s reckless invasion of Ukraine and his bizarre other behavior.

“There has been an identifiable change in his decision-making over the past five years or so,” an unnamed security source told the Mail.

“Those around him see a marked change in the cogency and clarity of what he says and how he perceives the world around him,” the source said, adding that Putin is “simply not being briefed” now on the Russian army’s failures.

The sources speculated that Putin, 69, could have dementia, Parkinson’s disease or “roid rage” from potential cancer treatment that involves heavy steroid use. They also cited his recent bloated appearance as evidence he may be ill.

So it isn’t an issue of NATO expansionism that he’s been warning about for 15 years.

The question I have is: if his actions are due to a botched cancer treatment, then is he still metaphysically evil?

Also, if he’s gone completely insane, how is he so lucid and able to speak unscripted directly into a camera for hours?

Also, if he’s gone completely insane due to a serious medical condition, does it still make sense to continue to threaten and bully him as he is openly mobilizing nuclear weapons?