Putin Say Prigozhin had 5 Kilos of Cocaine at His Base

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Five kilos is a lot of cocaine.

A normal person is only going to do 1-2 grams in a party night, and that’s if it’s stomped-on American retail cocaine.

Five kilos is also not a huge amount, if you’re running a distribution operation.

That is: it’s a massive personal stash, but a pretty weak dealer stash.

So it’s a strange quantity.


A stash of cocaine was discovered in the office of the private military company Wagner Group, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday. Wagner’s boss, businessman Evgeny Prigozhin, died in a plane crash in August, two months after staging a short-lived failed mutiny.

“We know that… the [Federal Security Service] found not only 10 billion [rubles] in cash in the company’s [office] in St. Petersburg, but also 5 kilograms of cocaine,” Putin explained during a session of the Valdai Discussion Club in Sochi.

The police and security officials raided properties belonging to Wagner shortly after Prigozhin’s revolt. On June 23, Prigozhin announced that his troops would march on Moscow, but backed down the next day after reaching a deal with the authorities.

Prigozhin and several of his close associates died on August 23, when his business jet crashed in western Russia.

The president added that the remains have not yet been examined for traces of drugs and alcohol. “I believe that such an examination should be made,” he said.

Well, I said at the time: Prigozhin was totally wasted drunk in all of those videos he was releasing.

You combine substance abuse with 1/2 Jew blood and the fact that he’d surrounded himself with pirates, and you’ve got a good recipe for some pretty bad behavior.

It was clear with the “coup” that he made the decision while drunk and high on cocaine, and then sobered up the next day and was like “damn, brah.”

Here’s the full Sochi event:

There was a lot of stuff said.

We should go through the big points in separate articles, so we can easily fill up the page today on yet another day I don’t really feel like doing much.