Putin Says West Wants to Destroy Russia and the Russian People

The fact that the Jews are totally obsessed with destroying Russia, and literally hate every individual ethnic Russian, is a very straightforward and obvious fact.

The way they used the Ukraine border skirmish as an excuse to ethnically cleanse the arts of Russians – banning Dostoyevsky and Tchaikovsky everywhere they could – proves that the goal is an actual extermination of the Russian people.

You can try to figure out why they would want to do that, but it seems to me obvious that it’s related to the fact that Russia is the only major country that still defines itself by Christianity.


President Vladimir Putin cast the confrontation with the West over the Ukraine war as an existential battle for the survival of Russia and the Russian people – and said he was forced to take into account NATO’s nuclear capabilities.

A year since ordering the invasion of Ukraine, Putin is increasingly presenting the war as a make-or-break moment in Russian history – and saying that he believes the very future of Russia and its people is in peril.

They have one goal: to disband the former Soviet Union and its fundamental part – the Russian Federation,” Putin told Rossiya 1 state television in an interview recorded on Wednesday but released on Sunday.

The NATO and the West dismiss such narrative, saying their objective is to help Ukraine defend itself against an unprovoked attack.

While also supporting an invasion of Crimea – which this very Reuters article mentions.

Invading Crimea cannot possibly be construed as “defensive,” no matter how dumb you are.

Putin said the West wanted to divide up Russia and then control the world’s biggest producer of raw materials, a step, he said, that could well lead to the destruction of many of the peoples of Russia including the ethnic Russian majority.

I do not even know if such an ethnic group as the Russian people will be able to survive in the form in which it exists today,” Putin said. He said the West’s plans had been put to paper, though did not specify where.

The United States has denied that it wants to destroy Russia, while President Joe Biden has warned that a conflict between Russia and NATO could trigger World War Three, though he has also said Putin should not remain in power.

And he wants to steal Crimea.

Putin said the tens of billions of dollars’ worth of U.S. and European military assistance to Ukraine showed that Russia was now facing off NATO itself – the Cold War nightmare of both Soviet and Western leaders.

Ukraine says it will not rest until every last Russian soldier is ejected from Ukraine, including from Crimea which Russia annexed in 2014.

It’s wild that this Crimea thing is something they’re just being totally straightforward about now. It sounds completely psycho to talk about the Ukraine invading Russia proper.

This is Russia’s single most important port, and Zelensky is claiming he has a right to invade and steal it because by a fluke of history, for a period of 23 years (1991 to 2014) they technically had jurisdiction over the territory, even while it was almost entirely administered by Russia.

Crimea has been a part of Russia for hundreds of years, and no one there identifies as “Ukrainian.”

Obviously, he’s not going to “take back” Crimea, so one has to wonder what the point of saying this is.