Putin Tells Macron That Russia Will Go to War with NATO Over Crimea

French President Emmanuel Macon might be a legit weirdo, but basically, he appears to just be playing “good cop” in this stupid situation.

“This isn’t even my longest table” Putin told Macron as the French President began to tremble.

He flew to Russia to talk to Putin the other day, and Putin was like “basically, France is already at war with Russia, actually.”


Russian President Vladimir Putin told reporters on Monday that Ukraine’s entry into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and a follow-up attempt to retake Crimea would potentially cause a war between Russia and France, as he spoke at a press conference alongside French President Emmanuel Macron.

Putin explained in no uncertain terms what Ukraine being accepted into NATO could lead to as he responded to a question by a French journalist.

You want France to fight Russia? That’s exactly what would happen” if Ukraine joins NATO and tries to implement its state policy of ‘reintegrating’ Crimea by force, Putin told reporters.

You ask me if Russia wants to fight a war with NATO – let me ask you, does NATO want to fight a war with Russia?

An attack by Ukraine on Crimea would trigger Article 5 of NATO’s founding treaty, pulling all of Europe into a war with Russia, Putin explained.

Russia is one of the world’s leading atomic powers. There would be no victors,” Putin told reporters. “[Macron] does not desire such an outcome. Neither do I.”

This is something that really should be made clear to everyone.

NATO Article 5 means that if any country in NATO is in a war – even if they are the aggressor – every NATO country has to join the war.

The thing is: this discussion could only take place in Virus World. Under normal circumstances, people would be like “what the hell are you people even talking about?”

But everyone is currently so absorbed in their own problems. There’s the virus hoax and the measures, and then the fallout from it all. People are getting divorced, their children are becoming drug users and cutters, their businesses are being destroyed – they can’t even think about the Ukraine, and apparently just wouldn’t expect the government to start a global nuclear war as a part of a World Economic Forum one world government conspiracy.

If they would expect something like that, they never would have went along with this virus hoax in the first place.