Hohols Shell Russian Market in Donetsk, Kill at Least 18 Civilians

We’re seeing a lot more of these Israel-style slaughters by the Ukraine.

Remember that they’re killing people who they claim are Ukrainian.

I guess purposefully killing defenseless civilians from far away with bombs is something people think is normal now, because of the Israel thing. But the fact that Kiev is choosing to kill civilians who they claim are the people they are fighting to rule over shows that don’t have any moral right to rule over those people.

It’s really the same dynamics as Israel, isn’t it?

The more interesting thing, however, is that Western media is now reporting on these attacks.

New York Post:

At least 18 people were killed Sunday by shelling at a market on the outskirts of the city of Donetsk in Russian-occupied Ukraine, local officials reported Sunday.

A further 13 people were injured in the strike on the suburb of Tekstilshchik, said Alexei Kulemzin, the city’s Russian-installed mayor. He said that the shells had been fired by the Ukrainian military.

Kyiv has not commented on the event and the claims could not be independently verified by The Associated Press.

Emergency services continue to work on the scene, said Denis Pushilin, head of the Russian-installed authorities in Donetsk.

It’s the same type of scenes in Donetsk as in Palestine.

Just colder.

So why is the Jew York Post reporting on Jewkraine doing Jew-style attacks?

Well, because Jew Israel needs that war to end so they have access to all the resources of the United States.