Record Number of 40-Year-Old Women Have Never Been Married

Obese dykes are who you should take life advice from, goy

This is, in fact, a major crisis.

No matter how you spin feminism, the basic reality is that women as a group will always take more from society than they put in. I am speaking about material production here. In terms of the psychological toll of women on society, that is immeasurable.

Historically, the reason that women were not simply exterminated was the very obvious reason: women are incubators for children.

If women are opting out of having children, we need to seriously discuss opting out of women. Right now, we are dragging a massive amount of dead weight around. A childless 40-year-old woman is the epitome of “dead weight.” Most of them weigh a lot as well.

Washington Times:

A record number of U.S. 40-year-olds have never married and most live alone, according to a new analysis of Census Bureau data going back more than a century.

The Pew Research Center reported Wednesday that 25% of 40-year-olds in 2021 had never been married, up from 20% in 2010. Most lived alone, with just 22% of never-married adults ages 40 to 44 reporting last year that they cohabitated with a romantic partner.

The trend is “notable because the share of 40-year-olds who had completed at least a bachelor’s degree was much higher in 2021 than in 1980,” 39% vs. 18%, said Richard Fry, a Pew senior researcher.

“More-highly educated 40-year-olds are more likely to have married, but the growth of this group has not reversed the overall trend of delaying or forgoing marriage,” Mr. Fry said in a summary of the findings.

In the 1900 Census, 16% of 40-year-olds reported never having been married, a number that gradually dropped to a low of 6% in 1980. The number has risen steeply every year since then.

According to Pew, people born starting in the 1960s have increasingly delayed marriage and a growing number have not wed.

“If that pattern holds, a similar share of today’s never-married 40-year-olds will marry in the coming decades,” Mr. Fry said.

The Pew study did not consider fertility. But more people delaying marriage until after 40 could add to declining birth rates, officials at the nonprofit polling company told The Washington Times.

“Demographic research shows that when people get married later, it can affect their fertility,” said Carolina Aragão, a Pew research associate specializing in fertility. “Those who have children after getting married at an older age tend to have fewer kids.”

This is a thing which will probably be stricken from the record soon enough.

Similarly to “some women have penises” and “healthy at any size,” they will begin saying “fertile at any age” and claim that women in their 50s can easily have children, and that “the false association of youth with fertility is a Western construct of white supremacy.”

In the event of a revolution, all childless women over the age of 30 will be necessarily sent to live in nunneries, sleeping in dorms and praying for some kind of redemption. Truly, at that point, only Jesus can save them and there is no reason to keep them around.