Reparations Outrage: California Only Wants to Pay Descendants of Slaves

Reparations aren’t really about slavery, you see.

They’re about white people giving everyone who is not white a lot more money.

New York Post:

A California task force voted Tuesday to limit reparations to black families whose ancestors were in the US in the 19th century, drawing criticism from others who support compensation regardless of lineage.

The task force voted 5-4 after hours of debate that at times became heated. A proposal with recommendations is expected to be released by July 2023 before it could go before the state Legislature for a vote.

Lisa Holder, a task force member and a civil rights attorney, said the task force should continue to listen to the public’s opinions while working with economists to carve out a plan.

“We need to galvanize the base and that is black people,” she said. “We can’t go into this reparations proposal without having all African Americans in California behind us.”

However, under Tuesday’s vote, some black Californians– such as immigrants from East and West African and the Caribbean — would not be eligible for the compensation. That means only a fraction of the state’s 2.6 million black residents would be able to benefit from the proposal.

While black residents make up about 6.5 percent of California’s population according to U.S. Census data, black men make up nearly 30 percent of the state’s prison population.

The task force also has to come up and approve a plan on how black Californians would be able to prove their ancestry.

Black people are at the point where they’re confusing themselves about the confusion produced by this confusion.

All of this stuff is so nonsensical, there is so much room for people to just hate each other.

It’s a circus.