Responding to an Angry Negress

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 2, 2014

Negresses: I've heard they used to be better behaved.
Negresses: I’ve heard they used to be better behaved.

An angry Negress who runs a blog called Diary of a Negress has drawn up a list of 21 things White people need to know for 2014.

Though following the same silliness that black people who learn how to use the White-invented internet tend to produce, she has here provided a platform to address some rather interesting racial issues.

Here, I will go through, point-by-point, and respond to her.

1. Every true African thinks you are a cold, heartless, tyrannical, lying, devious, untrustworthy, manipulative, demonic bastard.

Thank you, Negress, for being so brutally honest.

This has definitely been my experience, and it is something that it is definitely very important for my people to understand about your people.

2. Money, no matter what amount, will not make you happy.

No disagreement there.

3. No matter how much surgery you have, you’ll never compare to a black woman’s natural beauty.

That is subjective, of course.  Though most people in the world tend to find the features of White women much more attractive than those of black women, your people definitely tend to have bigger breasts and butts, and White women have definitely engaged in surgery to imitate this.

I am against White women having breast and/or butt implants.

However, in my experience, it is much more common for black women to imitate the look of White women than the other way around.

Obviously, virtually all of your women tend to spend a whole lot of money to make their hair look like ours, but on top of this, basically any black woman who has the money will change her facial features to make herself look more like a European.

Case in point.

LATOYAjackson TyraBanksNoseJob Vivica-650x975 Amerie Patti janet_jackson-plastic-surgery NeNe LilKim Beyonce3So, whereas beauty is not to be objectively measured, it can be objectively measured that most black women want to look more like White women.

Apparently, so do some black men.

michael-jackson-facelift-before-afterPerhaps, black men shaving their heads also has something to do with being ashamed of their kinky hair?

The only black women who I think could be classified as naturally beautiful, from a White perspective, would be mulattos and quadroons who have strong White facial features.

alicia_keys_2399661bAlicia Keys, for example, basically looks like a White woman with darker skin – her eyes, nose, lips and head shape are all similar to a White woman.

And still, I think most men, White or any other race, would prefer any Swedish woman you picked randomly off of the street to Alicia Keys.

4. You are the only race on Earth that cannot live harmoniously with nature.

That is perhaps a slightly relevant point, though not totally fair.

We have, historically, tended to be agrarian, which I think would qualify as living in harmony with nature.  Modern urbanism is, I believe, at odds with nature in many ways, and something which needs to be addressed.  However, urbanization over the last hundred years has been a global phenomenon, which all races have been involved in.  It is merely that Whites invented the technology to make it possible, and only Whites and Asians have had any degree of success with the endeavor.

5. Your desperate attempt to be “like us” is pathetic.

If you are referring to “wiggers,” then perhaps you have a point, but that is a miniscule percentage of the White population, and in reality, they are simply mimicking a style which was invented by the fashion industry – blacks have never invented clothing, nor have their ever invented a language as complex as English. So, in order for Whites to really be accused of trying to be like black people, they would have to go out in the jungle, build huts made of sticks and mud, and engage in cannibalism.  I am not aware of a single White ever having done that.

Virtually the entire global black population, however, is attempting to be like White people, as they wear industrially manufactured clothes, live in houses, use electricity and so on.  You yourself are attempting to be like a White person by using the internet, which was invented by and for White people.

Your people never even invented a written language, so whenever you use it in any setting, you are attempting to be like us.  If you want to be like you, you are going to have to go back to the jungle, and live with what you have produced.

6. Your low self-esteem and intense insecurity shows every time you use the word “Nigger.”

Most White people do not use the word nigger, and most of those who do use it much less than you use the word “cragga.”  Both of these words are used to denote anger with or disliking of a competitor race, and this is natural on both sides.  The only reason that “nigger” offends you and “cragga” doesn’t offend us is because you are pathologically insecure with yourself, and we are not.  You also tend to have a childlike emotional makeup, which makes it so your precious little feelings are constantly hurt by things as benign as mean words.

7. Dr. Bobby Wright, a genius, summed you up to a tee:

The summation cited was not included in the original post.  Just a picture of the guy.  For those who don’t know, Wright described Whites as fundamentally psychopathic.

Though he clearly had above average intelligence for a black, in that he was able to read and write at an adult level, he was not a genius by international standards.  By those standards he would have been normal.

His essays on Whites basically just painted up the normal black crybabying and made them seem like something more than they actually were.  His entire body of work can be summarized thusly: “Waaaaahhhhhhhh.”

8. Deep down, the thought that you ruled over other people makes you feel proud.

Most White people feel shame about this, obviously.  I don’t feel any shame, but nor do I feel proud.  Mostly, I am angry that my ancestors allowed the Jews to bring you violent, hate-filled parasitic crybabies across the ocean and leave you here for my generation to deal with.

I am so sick of living with the looming threat of being attacked on the street or having my sister or mother raped by one of you monsters.

Does it make you feel proud that your ancestors, 10,000 years ago, spread out from East Africa and slaughtered and cannibalized the peaceful Asiatic bushmen of that continent?

9. White women, contrary to your propaganda, are not the most wanted women on Earth.

Again, beauty is subjective – “in the eye of the beholder,” as they say – but definitely White women are the most wanted on earth.  Especially by black men.

Though Asians appear to be gaining some traction, based on some recent studies.

What we know for sure is that black women are the least desired on the planet.

race dating app10. White men, contrary to your propaganda, are not the most masculine men on Earth.

Well, I’m not sure what propaganda you are referring to, as from what I see on the TV, White men are being portrayed as sissies and nerds while blacks are seen as heroic and manly.

It is true that your men have 20% higher testosterone than we do.  This certainly makes them more likely to commit violent crimes such as rape and murder, but I don’t know if that is really the best way to define masculinity.

11. Without your white skin, you’d be nothing.

Ha!  What does that even mean?

If our skin magically became black, would our IQs drop to the level of your people?  Would we all the sudden start committing insane violent crimes?

Skin color is only the very most superficial aspect of race.  Many Asians have darker skin tones, and yet do not act like blacks, nor are they treated like blacks due to the fact that it is not expected that they will act like blacks.

12. The reason why you try to keep blacks from progressing is out of fear for our revenge.

So, by giving you free everything, elevating you to special status where you are picked first in both university occupations, we are trying to keep you from progressing?  When we send billions of dollars in aid to the cannibals in your homeland of Africa, we are trying to keep them from progressing?

What have you ever done to progress?  A black person never even invented the wheel.

Where is it that you are looking to progress to?

13. You really don’t feel as guilty as you want everyone to believe you do.

I don’t feel the least bit guilty, at all.  Though most White people definitely do.  It is something I am trying to rectify.  I don’t think we should feel guilty for saving you sickening murderous rapists from the hell of Africa by bringing you here.  It just does not make any sort of basic sense.  Would you rather have stayed in Africa, Negress?

14. You and your people are the sole cause of destruction on the planet.

No, that would be the Jews.

15. You are 100% satisfied with your unearned privileges.

I still don’t understand the concept of “White privilege.”

What I am certain of though is that you are not the least bit satisfied with your unearned privileges, which include:

-Free everything

-Not living in Africa

-Having unlimited access to White resources

-Preferential treatment at school and work

-Walking around freely without fear of being assaulted or raped by a parasitic entity occupying your homeland

-etc., etc., etc.

Even with all of this privilege, all you people do is whine.  It is inexplicable.

16. Pretending not to be aware of your White Privilege isn’t fooling anyone.

Seriously, I’m not aware.  I honestly don’t have any idea what the term means.

Unless you are talking about genetic privilege.  Because I was born smarter, better looking and all around more capable than the vast majority of blacks.  And yes, I am 100% satisfied with that.

17. You lack the true capacity to change your racist views.

Fair enough.

18. Your forefathers sins are apart of your bloodline…forever.

Okay.  Also fair enough.

19. If slavery was reinstated, you would no longer have the need to take anti-depressants and Viagra.

I don’t understand this one.  But I don’t even think any hardcore racists like me what to reinstate slavery.  We just want you savages the hell out of our homelands, so we can live in peace without having to fully support an ungrateful and dangerous parasite.

20. You are your own worst enemy.

This is, in many was, accurate.

But I blame the Jews.

21. You cheat, lie and manipulate your way to the top because deep down, you know you cannot compete at a level playing field with everyone else.

I think maybe you don’t know the difference between Jews and White people.  White people are the ones that work really hard, get things done and create.  Jews are the ones who cheat, lie and manipulate to gain power.

Anyway, there you have it.

It is very interesting that with some blacks now learning how to use the internet, we are able to get a glimpse into the brain functioning of this group of hostile parasites.

As you can see with this woman’s bizarre complaining, they really do believe they are incapable of doing anything wrong, White people are incapable of doing anything right, and that no matter what, the only reason White people should exist is to try their hardest to please infantile black whiners.

There really is almost no common ground between us and them.

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