Retired Black Female Judge Steals $240K from WW2 Veteran Uncle

Patricia Martin

Come on, bitch.

How you gonna do a nigga like that?

New York Post:

A retired Chicago judge was stripped of her law license as she admitted to stealing more than $240,000 from her decorated World War II veteran uncle to allegedly buy cryptocurrency, according to CBS Chicago.

Patricia Martin was accused of misappropriating funds trusted to her by her uncle, Oscar Wilkerson Jr., and his power of attorney while the honorable Tuskegee Airman was in the care of a nursing home.

Oscar Wilkerson Jr.

Martin was disbarred on consent, according to court records filed in the Illinois Supreme Court on Thursday.

“She intentionally used for her own purposes more than $240,000 she had agreed to hold for an elderly relative who was residing in a nursing home, made false statements to the physician who held her relative’s power of attorney about the balances in his bank and investment accounts, and did not produce documents in response to an ARDC subpoena,” the court’s Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission said.

Martin had served as a Circuit Judge for the Cook County Circuit Court in Illinois for 24 years before she retired in 2020.

She admitted to stealing Wilkerson’s life savings in June.

“On December 5, 2022, [Martin] filed an answer to the complaint in which she admitted that she had wrongfully assumed control over Mr. Wilkerson’s property,” according to the record.

“She had no authority to use his funds for any purpose other than for his benefit and that she had intentionally deprived him of funds to which he was entitled.”

Wilkerson died in February — a day before his 97th birthday — but filed a lawsuit against Martin in September 2022.

The state legal disciplinary agency proved the disgraced judge sunk over $110,000 into cryptocurrency from her uncle’s money in her name through receipts.

In June, Martin was ordered to pay her uncle’s estate $1.1 million — three times the amount she stole from him — after she continually failed to appear in court and was unresponsive to court orders, according to records.

Martin, however, argued that she shouldn’t have to pay the money to her uncle’s estate since he was dead.

Government officials are mostly criminals at this point.

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