Watch: Diverse-Skinned TSA Officers Steal from Passengers at Florida Airport

Diversity is the TSA’s greatest strength.

Without it, our airports will not survive.

Seriously – there would be a 911 approximately every 3.5 hours if you didn’t have a bunch of niggers looting your luggage.

These are universal values in a rules-based international order.

New York Post:

Newly released surveillance footage captured the moment two TSA officers allegedly stole at least $600 in cash and other items from unsuspecting passengers’ luggage at a Florida airport.

Josue Gonzalez, 20, and Labarrius Williams, 33, were caught on camera as they allegedly rummaged through the bags of travelers waiting to go through the scanner at Checkpoint E at Miami International Airport in June.

Josue Gonzalez

Labarrius Williams

The TSA workers were arrested in July when enforcement officials began investigating claims of theft occurring at the checkpoint, NBC6 reported.

Video from the checkpoint shows the two accused thieves at the baggage drop-off section of the checkpoint as they worked together to take money from wallets and purses that passed them on the way to the x-ray machine.

The two officers, along with their coworker Elizabeth Fuster, 22, were arrested in July on charges they were involved in an organized scheme to defraud.

Fuster and Gonzalez confessed to “numerous thefts” from travelers, admitting to stealing an average of $1,000 daily while working together.

Basically, all of America is turning into La Guardia, as these diverse-skinned persons are taking over all of the positions in society.

People say it’s “becoming third world,” but these people have never been to the third world. Some parts are third worldish, sure – but those things are mostly aesthetic.

In the third world, if airport security was stealing from people’s bags, they’d all be executed.

Of course, the third world doesn’t have this insane, dehumanizing security system at airports in the first place. If you’re dressed in Moslem clothes or have a Moslem name, maybe they’ll scrutinize you, but they don’t pretend like non-Moslems could secretly somehow be Islamic terrorists.

In the third world, everyone is respected as an individual on some level, but there is also a recognition of the absolute fact that groups exist – i.e., “yeah man, I know you’re probably not a terrorist, but some people with last names like yours are terrorists, so we’re gonna have to pat you down.”

Are we really supposed to believe this hurts the feelings of Moslems? Even if it does hurt their feelings – what difference does that make? All kinds of things hurt all kinds of people’s feelings. That’s life.

Grow up!

That was really the first big PC coup – after 9/11, telling everyone they had to be treated like potential Moslem terrorists, because it would be mean to only treat Moslems as potential Moslem terrorists. It was obviously not really about being nice, but rather acclimating people to the kind of mass dehumanization we saw standardized during that coronavirus hoax.

Elizabeth Fuster