Revealed: Another Jew Traitor Gave Atom Bomb Secrets to Soviets

Daily Stormer
November 24, 2019

The New York Times, the sister publication of the Daily Stormer, has done great work revealing the foul misdeeds of another Jewish traitor: Oscar Seborer.

New York Times:

The world’s first atomic bomb was detonated on July 16, 1945, in the New Mexican desert — a result of a highly secretive effort code-named the Manhattan Project, whose nerve center lay nearby in Los Alamos. Just 49 months later, the Soviets detonated a nearly identical device in Central Asia, and Washington’s monopoly on nuclear arms abruptly ended.

How Moscow managed to make such quick progress has long fascinated scientists, federal agents and historians. The work of three spies eventually came to light. Now atomic sleuths have found a fourth. Oscar Seborer, like the other spies, worked at wartime Los Alamos, a remote site ringed by tall fences and armed guards. Mr. Seborer nonetheless managed to pass sensitive information about the design of the American weapon to Soviet agents.

The spy fled to the Soviet Union some years later; the F.B.I. eventually learned of his defection and the espionage but kept the information secret.

It’s certainly curious that official sources have chosen to keep this a secret for 70+ years and only now have private researchers been able to reveal it.

Seborer was, of course, a Jew.

Mr. Seborer was born in New York City in 1921, the youngest child of Jewish immigrants from Poland…

His entire family seems to have consisted of Communist Jews. Most of them escaped to the Soviet Union after the damage had been done. They were never brought to justice.

Almost all the traitors involved in passing atomic secrets to the Soviets were Jews. If the Cold War had ever gone hot, their betrayal could have cost millions of lives.

Four traitors are known to have stolen secrets from Los Alamos specifically.

The identities of the other three Los Alamos spies have long been known. Klaus Fuchs, a physicist, was arrested in early 1950, shortly after the first Soviet detonation. His testimony led to a second spy, David Greenglass, a machinist, who was also taken into custody. Not until 1995 was the third spy, Theodore Hall, the youngest physicist at Los Alamos, identified publicly. By then he had moved to England and was never convicted of espionage.

Of these, all but Fuchs were Jews. (Some online sources do say Fuchs was a Jew but I have read he was born into a Lutheran family who don’t seem to have been conversos. Not having researched the subject intensively, I’ll reserve judgement, but I incline to the view that Fuchs was not Jewish. The woman who acted as his courier was, however, a Jewess.)

It really is astonishing how often reality seems to correspond to the trope of the traitorous Jew. You would think at some point the goyim would wake up and realize that, at a minimum, you need to keep an especially close watch on these people and maybe ban them from sensitive positions. Or just kick them out of the country altogether and save yourself the bother. But no. We let them fool us over and over again.