Robert Latimer Did Nothing Wrong, Let ‘im GO!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 16, 2019

Robert Latimer is a Canadian father who DID THE RIGHT THING and euthanized his severely retarded vegetable daughter 25 years ago and all the Good Church People, busybody bureaucrats and shrieking harpies have been harassing him for it ever since.

The only reason that he is being treated this way is because he is a White man – there is simply no other explanation.


Robert Latimer is adamant that he made the right decision.

The Saskatchewan farmer was convicted 25 years ago of killing his 12-year-old daughter, Tracy, who had severe disabilities. Latimer wants that conviction overturned.

Tracy Latimer had severe cerebral palsy and suffered chronic pain from repeated surgeries. She couldn’t walk, talk or feed herself. Robert maintains her pain was unbearable. She functioned with the mental capacity of a four-month-old infant.

Latimer killed Tracy in 1993 by pumping exhaust fumes into the cab of his truck.

“The harm I caused by her death would have been less than the pain inflicted by her life,” Latimer said on a recent grey-skied November afternoon.

The case was one of the most polarizing in Canadian legal history. It launched a national debate on euthanasia, the value of life and justice.

In the quiet kitchen on his family farm near Wilkie, Sask., Latimer, now a soft-spoken 66-year-old, says he hasn’t changed his mind about his actions.

“What I did was right. What they [the justice system and religious groups] did was wrong,” he said several times over the course of nearly two hours.

“It was pointless to torture our daughter any further. She had already had four operations. If she moved, her hip would go. She had rods in her back. She had been worked on enough.”

Well said. Tragic, but had to be done.

And by what right does Canada presume to judge this man? 

In my opinion, a country that legalizes dog-fucking in the name of human rights has a demonstrably tenuous grasp on the concept of ethics and morality.

And everyone with a working brain can see that the vegetable didn’t have one.

Besides, euthanasia is a net positive for all parties involved. It is good for the person euthanized because if they have been baptized, their soul is going to heaven.

Yeah, I thought so.

And the people who would otherwise be forced to play babysitter for a vegetable that can never reproduce, continue the line, give you pride or contribute to society can simply try again and have a healthy kid instead.

No point in even debating it, you know I’m right.

After two convictions, the first of which was thrown out due to jury tampering, Latimer was sentenced to a mandatory minimum life sentence with no chance of parole for 10 years. He served his time at a minimum-security institution near Victoria, B.C., beginning in 2001. He was granted full parole in 2010.

“I was sent to the gulag,” he said.

Latimer maintains he never got a fair trial.

“They rigged the jury. When it was found out, they did nothing about it.”

Latimer said he was subjected to a “judicial error.”

Henow wants either a pardon or a new trial. In July 2018, Latimer’s lawyer, Jason Gratl, applied for a ministerial review on his behalf. In that application, Gratl said his client’s conviction is the kind of miscarriage of justice that merits a rare ministerial review.

“A pardon would offer a glimpse of mercy, compassion and justice that the legal system and the medical system did not afford to the Latimers,” Gratl wrote.

Seriously. This worship of the sick and the broken is repulsive, backwards and wrong. Furthermore, it is fundamentally an expression of toxic femininity. Because who else wants to keep the retards alive and drooling into their 30s and no further?

Dad did nothing wrong. Dad wants what’s best for his kids. Mom doesn’t have the guts to do what needs to be done because they get a kick out of caring for the sickly and grotesque. On some level, a mother’s devotion is admirable and I’m not knocking it, but I will be the first to point out that our feminized society allows them to milk the teat of public sympathy and siphon off money for their inconvenience as well. Also – the healthier, stronger and more independent the child, the less the mother seems to love it. After all, wahmen abort healthy children all the time EZ, but when it comes to retards, well that suddenly changes everything.

Now, we need to have a serious moral panic as a society. 

You can only laugh at the absurdity of the situation. 

All that other shit – trannies, gays, gay-trannies molesting kids in public libraries, wholesale ethnic replacement – none of that triggered a soul-searching debate about OUR values.

And really, again, I can’t stress this enough – all of this fake and gay mercy-killing panic is just a Boomer thing. There has never been a generation that has been so afraid of meeting their maker – and so deserving of Judgement Day. The collective REEEing that stories like this generate is 90% holier-than-thou Boomer moms working themselves up into a hysteria.

Millennials and Zoomers simply do. not. care.

They’re all at the disco.

Donald Trump ought to just invade Canada.