Roger Moore and Black Bond

Morgoth’s Review
March 29, 2015


Political Correctness acts like a gigantic spider which sits on a web that covers all of Western Civilization. When certain words or ideas are aired it sets off a vibration in the web that alerts the spider to a problem and the source of the vibration is swiftly neutralized. Whatever 87 year old Roger Moore meant when he said James Bond should be ”English, English” hardly matters, the tremour sent out was that Moore had implied a popular fictional character which was invented by white people, played by white men, represented white men as guardians of white civilization, should actually remain white and not become ethnically African. The spider sprang to life and Moore, like so many before him, was quickly reduced to ”Oh, hey wait, I didn’t mean that, not me……”.

The idea of James Bond becoming black has been around for some time, it is the logical conclusion to the steady influx of ”Progressive” ideology that has been inflicting Bond for at least 20 years. When Pierce Brosnan landed the role of the worlds most famous spy his boss became  a woman (Judi Dench) who called him a ”misogynistic dinosaur”. Bond stopped smoking and cried, he was emotionally damaged and needed to talk. M told Bond he was a ”relic of the Cold War” which is ironic because after spending decades fighting Commie plots the new, cultural form of Marxism, was proving to be a threat Bond simply couldn’t deal with because they had become his ”values” and by the looks of it Bond himself will morph into an entirely new race to fit in with the new dogma.

Diddy Bond

It’s easy for the White Nationalist to envision a couple of giggling Jews behind the racial transformation of James Bond, and with good reason, because it was Amy Pascal, the Jewish Sony exec, who inadvertently gave the game away during the Sony  hacking scandals last year, ”“Idris (Elba) should be the next bond.”. It wouldn’t be the first time Elba had replaced a white figure with his African features, having played the role of ”Heimdall” in the Thor movies, Heimdall is based on the Nordic God Heimdallr who is described as ‘ “the whitest of the gods” . Nice Touch, Jews.

heimdall_painting_by_scampicrevette-d583fqt (1)

The leaked emails also told of Pascal and her fellow Jewish exec Scott Rudin mocking white celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Madonna adopting black kids. Most puzzling of all, however, is that another mail leaked from an anonymous producer to Michael Lynton, the Jewish Sony Chairman, stated:

I believe that the international motion picture audience is racist — in general pictures with an African American lead don’t play well overseas. When Sony made Equalizer they had to know that Denzel opens pics domestically, however the international gross would be somewhat limited.

In actual fact it just means audiences in China or Japan or Brazil find the idea of super smart Negroes saving the world to be utterly preposterous, but then they have control over their own cultural sphere, white people accept it because they hardly know of anything else having had Jews pushing this muck upon them for around 70 years, and anyway, if people complain it will set off those tremours…
The fact that Jewish Hollywood executives know there is a good chance a movie with a black man crow-barred into the lead role will tank is very informative, they love money, of course, but they are quite willing to take a chance if it means the demise of another white alpha male as a cultural icon.