Russell Brand Releases Second Video Addressing Rape Hoax, Persecution by Vaginal UK Government

Previously: Rumble Refuses to Demonetize Russell Brand Following UK Government’s Letter

Russell is still in the game.

He’s a fighter…!

He released a second video commenting on this rape hoax bullshit, and pointed out that it’s the UK (Unhinged Kunts) government behind all of the censorship. Rumble said that the UK government told them to censor Brand, so we know that is where this is coming from. (It’s otherwise bizarre they wouldn’t wait for the charges.)

What kind of a thing is that even? Why would the government be calling for someone to be censored when they’re accused of a supposed crime they haven’t even been charged with? I don’t even know if there is precedent for any government ever doing this.

Brand stopped doing his show on Rumble after the allegations. I don’t know why he did that – unless he was in the process of packing his shit to move to Russia. By the way, I don’t think he’s been seen in public in the last week, so he may well have taken my advice.

I sure hope he took my advice, because otherwise, he’s going to prison forever. There is zero chance that a Western jury won’t convict him when they’ve got this “shoved his penis down the throat of a small child” line they’ve been using. In another country, the jury would move to fist-bump. But the West is sooooo gay. So very gay. And it’s all women. Our countries are run by women.

By the way, the woman who did this “journalistic” witch-hunt against Brand at the Times is a straight-up beast.

She wonders why men aren’t interested – she needs to start looking for zoo-keepers to date.

She needs to find the Beast Master.

I don’t think the Beast Master is going to be interested in her sexually, but he might be able to tame her.

This is what you find when you look into anything. You can talk all you want about “da Joooos,” but when it comes down to it, our society is controlled by old, fat women who are doing a revenge fantasy against men with status.

I have status, because I’m famous and very handsome, and also the greatest writer of a generation. Women want to tear me down. Women want to promote trannies and fatties and other disgusting freaks to replace naturally high status men as their revenge.

They’ve already made it so the highest status men in society are trannies. They are the men with all the power. Trannies and, to a less extent, brown people. They have inverted the pyramid.

Remember: it’s not cute teenage girls doing this. It’s old beasts.

We don’t have a woman problem. If the only women on the market were cute teenage girls – as would be natural – and every older woman was married and taking care of kids and grandkids, we’d be living in a paradise.

The end of young marriage (for women) was the end of civilization.