Russia Again Calls for Peace But Says the US Will Never Allow It

This war is entirely on NATO and the US.

Russia did not start the war and anyone who claims they did is lying to you on purpose or is so dumb they shouldn’t be allowed to have opinions on anything.

According to Western sources, 15,000 people were killed in the Donbass by the Ukraine’s Jewish neo-Nazis before Putin devoted forces to a war that was already happening.

Putin has been trying to do peace in the Ukraine since 2014. He did the Minsk Agreement and the West attacked and mocked it, violating it on purpose. They later admitted they signed it in bad faith to give the Kiev Junta time to build up their military.

Russia is now forced to deal with the fact that there are no circumstances under which Kiev will agree to peace. The US government is willing to send every single Ukrainian to die in their war against Russia. They have somehow managed to convince dumb farm people that they are fighting for their country.


Russia would prefer peace talks with Ukraine over fighting, but sees no potential for them due to the positions taken by Kiev and its Western backers, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said.

The official reminded journalists on Wednesday that Ukrainian law “forbids the president of Ukraine [from having] any dialogue with us.”

“Under the circumstances, in which Westerners are apparently not prone to allowing Kiev show any flexibility on the issue, we cannot say that there is any potential [for negotiations] at the moment,” he added.

In October, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky signed into law an order by the Security and Defense Council, which banned any talks with Russia while its President Vladimir Putin remains in office. Senior Ukrainian officials declared that talks with Moscow may only be possible after Kiev seizes control of all the land it considers to be under its sovereignty, including the Crimean Peninsula.

Moscow said it was on the verge of signing a truce with Kiev in early April, after a breakthrough was achieved during Türkiye-mediated talks in Istanbul. The Ukrainian government made a U-turn, however, which Russia believes to have been the result of Western meddling.

Zelensky was publicly saying he was going to do a deal. This is a known thing. Then the US came in and said there was no way that was happening. He ended up going so far as to pass a law that says the Ukraine can never negotiate peace with Russia.

He is now saying he’s going to take back Crimea. His top advisor has claimed they are going to seize other parts of Russia.

The fact that so many people in America and the West are willing to accept this narrative of Russia as the aggressor in this conflict is absolute proof that democracy has failed completely.

The idea that Russia is responsible for this war is the single dumbest thing anyone has ever believed. It is a mass delusion that is actually much more extreme than the coronavirus hoax. At least with the coronavirus, people believed that there was a threat to their lives.

The Ukraine support is a moral panic, with women and faggotized men embracing the ego trip of moral superiority, and blinding themselves to reality.

Unlike with the coronavirus, the war against Russia presents an actual threat to people’s lives. We are facing a third world war. Russia has the single biggest nuclear arsenal in the world, and China the biggest army.

And for what, exactly? For gay sex in the Donbass?