Russia Sends High-Ranking General and Defense Ministry Officials to Belarus

General Oleg Salyukov arrives in Belarus.

It sort of looks like Russia is planning to hit Kiev from Belarus.


The Russian Ground Forces commander-in-chief, General Oleg Salyukov, arrived in Belarus on Thursday with a group of Defense Ministry officials on a “working trip,” the ministry said in a Telegram post.

Saluykov visited a military range where Russian troops are stationed, and received updates from unit commanders on operational coordination and joint combat training. The general also inspected the facilities and living conditions of the Russian troops, and spoke with the soldiers, according to the Defense Ministry.

Russian troops are undergoing an “intensive combat training course” on the Belarusian training ranges, the ministry said, adding that exercises are run both during the day and night. The course involves firing and tactical driving exercises, as well as psychological training and tactical medicine.

Earlier, the Belarusian Defense Ministry also confirmed the Russian military committee led by Salyukov had arrived in Belarus, adding that the general inspected Russian troops stationed in Belarus as part of the joint force and “assessed their readiness to fulfill the tasks… aimed at ensuring security of the Union State [of Russia and Belarus].

You can check a map. Kiev is right near the Belarus border.

At this point, Russia doesn’t really have much of a choice but to totally destroy the Ukraine. Zelensky is not going to negotiate, and he is going to keep escalating the attacks on Russia.

It’s probably about time to start wrapping this up, frankly.