Russia Tells Europe to “Sober Up from the American Bourbon”

You do have to wonder what the Europeans are thinking about being tools in America’s global domination scheme, and being forced to go along with all of this moral panic propaganda.


Mending relations between Russia and Europe is still possible, but it will only happen when the latter “sobers up from the American bourbon” and gets rid of US influence, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Saturday.

There are always solutions. From any confrontation, from any difficult situation, there are always ways out,” Peskov told Russian media.

Russia-EU relations, however, are unlikely to improve in the near future, he admitted. Moscow expects that to happen only when Europe realizes that it, and not the US, is responsible for its own fate, he added.

When the Europeans sober up from the American bourbon a little bit, and when they finally realize that we should on our own take care of the fate of our continent, Europe, maybe even Eurasia, then it will happen – that’s not a matter for the nearest future – but then the time will come for a reassessment of our relations,” Peskov stated.

I’m sure a significant number of Europeans are just as stupid and brainwashed as Americans. But you’d think the fact that these things are directly affecting them would change their outlook some.

Though these things are directly affecting Americans now too…