Russia to Deploy Military to Cuba and Venezuela If US Continues Bullying

Oh shit, boiiiii.

Russia acting like they’re done being bitch-slapped around like faggots!

The Guardian:

Russia has refused to rule out a military deployment to Cuba and Venezuela if talks with the west on European security and Ukraine fail to go its way, while warning the latest discussions with Nato were hitting a dead end.

In an apparent attempt to up the ante with the Biden administration, Sergei Ryabkov, who led Russia’s delegation in a meeting with the US on Monday, told Russian television he could neither confirm nor exclude sending military assets to Cuba and Venezuela if talks fail. Asked about these steps, he said “it all depends on the actions by our US counterparts”.

Meanwhile another senior Russian diplomat threatened unspecified “necessary measures” if Moscow’s security demands were not met.

At the end of a week of diplomacy that appears to have produced no progress, the US national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, said US had intelligence Russia was preparing to fabricate claims of an imminent Ukrainian attack on Russian forces as a pretext for invasion.

“We saw this playbook in 2014. They are preparing this playbook again,” Sullivan said, and said that the administration would share more of the intelligence in the following 24 hours.

It’s just so tiresome.

The 2014 playbook was a color revolution, literally organized by the State Department. They were paying people to riot. Rioters were organizing at the US embassy in Kiev.

We of course covered this WHILE IT WAS HAPPENING in 2014, but half a decade later, it made it onto Tucker Carlson in December.

He played the leaked tapes of Russian Jew State Department official Victoria Nuland discussing the process of overthrowing the democratically elected – and pro-Russian – government of the Ukraine at the time, and replacing it with a new revolutionary pro-NATO government.

Aside from the fact that Nuland is a Jew, and after the coup, every official installed at a high level in the Ukrainian government was Jewish, Tucker gave a pretty good recap of the events that led to the ongoing manufactured crisis in the Ukraine. So, if you’re a new reader, that clip will pretty much catch you up to speed (and it’s a lot easier for me to post that than try to go back and find the exposes Anglin wrote in 2014).

I guess I should note that Tucker also didn’t mention that Israel has been openly shipping weapons to anti-Russian neo-Nazi terrorist groups created by State Department Jews operating in the Ukraine. But hey – there are some things even Tucker can’t say on TV.

I should also just note: the single most amazing thing about the revolution in the Ukraine was how incompetently Russia handled it. That is just a fact. They were totally unprepared for something that should have been obvious, and then when it happened, they utterly bungled it.

So, the increasingly defensive stance from Russia – along with the fact that they just successfully put down a State Department color revolution attempt in Kazakh, having earlier done so in Belarus – is encouraging.

Russia not falling to ZOG is an important part of the psychohistory of the future.