Russian Children’s Commissioner Says ICC War Crimes Allegations are a Farce

Children’s Commissioner Maria Lvova-Belova

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Russia’s commissioner for children’s rights on Tuesday dismissed International Criminal Court (ICC) allegations that she was responsible for unlawfully deporting children from Ukraine as false.

The Hague-based ICC on March 17 issued arrest warrants for President Vladimir Putin and Children’s Commissioner Maria Lvova-Belova for the war crime of unlawfully deporting children from areas of Ukraine occupied by Russian forces.

The ICC said it had information that hundreds of children had been taken from orphanages and children’s care homes in areas of Ukraine claimed by Russia. Some of those children, the ICC said, had been given up for adoption in Russia.

Lvova-Belova told a news conference her commission acted on humanitarian grounds to protect the interests of children in an area where military action was taking place and had not moved anyone against their will or that of their parents or legal guardians, whose consent was always sought unless they were missing.

Nor were children given up for adoption, she said, saying they were placed with temporary legal guardians in foster homes.

As far as the ICC’s accusations are concerned, we don’t understand what we are accused of. Give us the facts and we will look into it. So far, it all looks like a farce without specifics and is incomprehensible,” she said.

The ICC had not submitted any documents to her office, she complained, noting that Russia did not recognise the court’s jurisdiction anyway. Nor, she said, had Ukraine sent any official requests regarding children allegedly separated from their parents.

Ukraine says it is investigating the deportation of over 16,000 children, many of them taken from parents at “filtration points” as they tried to leave newly captured territory, removed from care institutions, or taken from people who were caring for them after their parents were killed in the war.

Give us lists of parents who are looking for their children and we will find them. If mothers, fathers…are looking and need help we are open to giving it,” said Lvova-Belova.

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