Russian Government Planning to Protect Traditional Values from Western Degeneracy

Russia always announces these great big plans to do all of these wonderful things, and then they won’t even ban Twitter or invade the Ukraine.


Russia’s Ministry of Culture has published a draft order setting out “traditional values” that it says must be protected from encroachment by foreign ideas, terrorists, and extremists amid a “global crisis” for public morality.

The document was posted on the ministry’s website this week for consultation, ahead of being presented to President Vladimir Putin for his signature, and is designed to provide “the foundations of government policy for the protection and strengthening of traditional Russian spiritual and moral values.” The ordinance lays out what the authors see as integral Russian values and puts forward strategies for defending them against alleged incursion by foreign perspectives.

The draft text defines “traditional values” as “moral guidelines that form Russian citizens’ worldview, transferring from generation to generation, guaranteeing civil unity, forming the base of Russian civilizational identity and the nation’s unified cultural space, and manifesting uniquely and distinctly in the spiritual, historical, and cultural development of the multiethnic people of Russia.”

According to the order, examples of these values include “life, dignity, human rights and freedom, patriotism, civic consciousness, service to the Fatherland and responsibility for its fate, high moral ideals, a strong family, creative work, prioritizing the spiritual over the material, humanism, charity, justice, collectivism, mutual support and respect, historical memory and continuity between generations, and the unity of the peoples of Russia.”

The report claims, however, that these values are under threat from outside forces including terrorist and extremist organizations, multinational corporations, NGOs, and the US and its allies. Among the foreign ideas said to be invading Russia, the authors name egoism, permissiveness, “amorality,” and the refusal to grant Russia a positive place in history and culture.

The values are not simply “under threat.” The only reason the values aren’t still there in the first place is due to outside meddling.

Human beings are a part of nature, and if they are not interfered with by Jews, they will behave in a natural manner. Obviously, man is in a fallen state, but most of the problems that the sin nature of man creates are self-correcting, given the process of natural selection.

We as men are in some ways at war with the natural world, as it is dangerous and forces us to work to provide ourselves with food. But the natural world is also always there as a corrective mechanism, to prevent us from devolving into a lower state.

The Jews want to liberate us from the natural world in order to remove the self-corrective mechanism, and basically just destroy everything.

You can’t have it, folks.

Russia needs to up its game and just get rid of this stuff.