Sadistic Alleged Cannibal Mike Pompeo Attacks Trump Over “Victim” Statement

The alleged cannibal Mike Pompeo was once extremely fat. He lost some of the weight, and now is a slippery pile of skin flaps. His skin hangs off of him like flowing curtains.

He apparently wants to run for president? He’s attacking Donald Trump.

It’s really hard to defend anything about Trump’s announcement speech, and the part where he says “I’m a victim” is especially hard to defend.

It’s impossible to understand why he would think that was a good idea. Apparently, he’s getting old.

Mike Pompeo is scum of the earth and will never be president, but he’s probably going to run in order to raise his profile.

I’m considering donating to the GoFundMe he put up asking people to help him pay to have his extra skin removed, including the extra skin on his neck, which very unfortunately looks like a used vagina.