Sadistic Homosexual Stoltenberg Tells Europeans the Ukraine is More Important Than Their National Defense

Russian GoPro shows elimination of high-tech German tech.

The funny part is, Europe is destroying any ability it had to defend itself by sending all of its armaments to get blown up in the Ukraine.

At some point, when all of these weapons have been destroyed, and China is refusing to provide the parts to make more, and while the US is bogged down in an endless war in the Middle East… Russia might decide to just roll on across Europe.

No one could blame them.


NATO members should prioritize arming Ukraine over bolstering their own defense capabilities, the secretary general of the US-led military bloc said on Wednesday. 

“A part of the important effort we are now making across the NATO alliance to step up our delivery of air defense systems to Ukraine,” Jens Stoltenberg told reporters in Brussels.

“But Ukraine needs even more. That is why if allies face a choice between meeting NATO capability targets and providing more aid to Ukraine, my message is clear: send more to Ukraine.”


Gays are so reliable.

Stoltenberg pointed to Denmark as “a strong example” as it pledged in February to donate all of its artillery to Kiev. He praised both Denmark and the Netherlands for their plans to provide F-16 fighter jets, adding that he was “encouraged” by the news that the US Congress is expected soon to vote for additional aid to Ukraine, after months of delay.

The NATO chief’s appeal comes at a time when member states are struggling to deliver sufficient amounts of weapons to Ukraine without depleting their own stocks and compromising security. Officials in Kiev have blamed ammunition shortages for last year’s failed counteroffensive, as well as recent battlefield losses.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has sharply criticized Germany for refusing to donate its Taurus air-launched cruise missiles and US Republicans for stalling the $61 billion military aid bill sought by President Joe Biden.

“If Congress doesn’t help Ukraine, Ukraine will lose the war,” Zelensky warned earlier this month.

Berlin recently agreed to supply another US-made Patriot air defense system to Kiev. However it has refused to reverse its decision on Taurus missiles, arguing that sending them would require German personnel on the ground in Ukraine.

That cocksucker Mike Johnson is finally bringing that aid bill to the Congress next week.

It won’t do anything, obviously. It’s just graft. Everyone knows the war is over.

That gorilla Lloyd Austin should be charged with lying under oath for claiming “the Ukraine can win this war.”

It doesn’t even make sense.