San Francisco Wasting Millions of Dollars on RV Park for the Homeless

I’m sure it looks cozy.

You would feel cozy if you were there with your friends and some hippies from the Phil Lesh and Friends roadshow.

But the reality is, homeless people make everything totally disgusting. It’s all filth and disease and open sores and the dirtiest hookers imaginable.

New York Post:

San Francisco is pouring millions of dollars into an RV park for the homeless, while young people trying to get a break in their careers are reduced to living in 4-feet high by 3.5-feet wide “pod” spaces for $700 a month.

The city opened a “safe parking site” at Candlestick Point in January 2022, which is home to 30 RVs — each of which cost the city $12,000 a month to keep there, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The site, named the Bayview Vehicle Triage Center, has been recommended to be opened for another two years, which will cost the city at least $12.2 million.

Two Bay Area nonprofits — Urban Alchemy and Bayview Hunters Point Foundation — provide security and other support services for the residents and are paid thousands of dollars a month from the city’s coffers.

The security services wouldn’t let The Post inside the park, but drone footage shows it currently houses 30 rusty RVs parked in three rows.

Meanwhile, just six miles away, young up–and-coming businesspeople are priced out of getting their own apartment are instead renting pods in shared residences.

Christian Lewis pays $700 a month alongside 27 others for his tiny pod space inside the co-ed Brownstone Shared Housing located near Union Square. The pods are less than half the size of an RV.

I’d prefer the pod to the open-air homeless park, regardless. Anyone would.

There is nothing worse than the homeless, and any rational government that was unable to stop the drugs from coming in would poison them once they were here.