SAVE THE STORMER: Please Send Money to Keep This Site Online!

Hello friend,

If you are like 99.999% of the regular readers of this site, you have never provided any financial support for our endeavors here at the Daily Stormer. This is fair enough, as you are used to not giving sites money, because sites make money through ads, or subscriptions, or promo deals or whatever else.

We do not make money through any of those things. This is not a non-profit, it is a zero-profit. The only way we have money for operating costs is from people who send us donation money. People send us donation money not as a donation to us as people, but because we are the biggest and most important website on the internet talking about the Jews and the problems that the Jews bring with them, and people want others to find out about that. We are very good at telling others about that.

Because we are so good at telling others about that, we are constantly under a level of attack that no other site suffers from. We are shut down, we are sued, we are threatened, we have become the most censored publication in all of human history.

So it has become very expensive to remain online, and it has become increasingly problematic that such a tiny fraction of our readership bothers to support us.

We have been shut out of all financial services, including PayPal, credit card processing and all other forms of banking. And of course, we cannot run advertisements or sell any products. As such, the only way to contribute to the site is through crypto currency.

This may seem foreign and complicated, but it actually isn’t really that complicated.

There are three very easy ways you can get crypto currency and get it to us.

But before you do this, you need to download an app on your phone called Mycelium. This is a bitcoin wallet, where you will put your bitcoin before you send it to the Daily Stormer.

1. A Bitcoin Exchange

There are many different bitcoin exchanges, but by far the easiest is the CashApp, which you can download on your phone and use to quickly buy bitcoin with a credit or debt card. Also, if you enter the payment code “JOEROGAN,” they will give you $10 free that you can send to us. This is by far the easiest way to do this.

You can also buy bitcoin at Gemini, though it is more complicated. The same goes for Coinbase. Both of these allow you to link your bank account, and purchase that way, if that is something people want to do.

Whatever you do, make certain not to send directly from these services to our bitcoin address. Send it first to your own Mycelium wallet.

2. A Bitcoin ATM

In every major city in the western world, there are Bitcoin ATMs. You can find a map of them here (just type your city in). When you get to the machine, it will look something like a normal ATM.

Something like this:

You will then click “buy bitcoin.”

In your Mycelium app, you will click “receive” and it will show you a QR code.

You will then hold the QR code in front of the ATM machine, it will register the address, and you will feed dollar bills into the machine.

Whatever you do, make certain not to send directly from the ATM to our bitcoin address. Send it first to your own Mycelium wallet.

3. Localbitcoins

Localbitcoins is a website that allows you to easily buy bitcoin with PayPal or any other payment methods.

You just go to and enter how you would like to pay. The people will have reviews of their services, so you can make sure they have a good record. You can then simply tell them how much you want to buy, give them your Mycelium address, and send them the PayPal or whatever other service you prefer.

Localbitcoins guarantees the transfer, so there is no chance of getting scammed.

Whatever you do, make certain not to send directly from the ATM to our bitcoin address. Send it first to your own Mycelium wallet.

When you have the bitcoin in your Mycelium account, click “SEND” and scan this QR code:


You can then check and make sure it went through by checking the blockchain here, if you’re worried about that (but there isn’t ever any reason to worry anyway). You can also check that blockchain to understand just how broke we are.

And That is All

It is that simple, you have all of those options, you do not have any excuse.

Please do this now and do it quickly.

We have to figure out a way to get online that costs less than the $11,000 a month we’re supposed to be paying right now – for the one missing service!

You don’t have to send a lot of money, people. There are millions of you. If you each simply commit to sending $5, $10 or $20 a month, we will be swimming in cash, we will have more and better articles, I will be able to do livestreams, and most importantly WE WILL NEVER HAVE THIS DOWNTIME!


Andrew Anglin
Publisher, Daily Stormer