Scholz Defends Putin, Says He’s a “Bro” and a “Cool Dude” Who is “Really Chilled Out”

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Part of the hilarity of the Russian war fiasco is that all of the top Europeans appear to genuinely like Putin as a person.

The French Macron recently described Putin as a very pleasant man. Now the German Scholz is defending him, unprompted.

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Chancellor Olaf Scholz has claimed that a “consensus” was reached with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky that Kiev will not use Western weapons, including German Leopard tanks, to stage attacks on Russian territory. The West, however, still considers Crimea and four other new Russian regions to be parts of Ukraine.

In an interview with the Bild am Sonntag newspaper published on Saturday night, Chancellor Scholz once again placed all of the blame for the conflict on Moscow, arguing that Russia’s “unprovoked aggression” justified the collective West’s intervention with military aid to protect the “European peace order.”

“Together with our allies, we are giving battle tanks to Ukraine so that they can defend themselves,” Scholz argued. He added that Berlin “carefully weighed every arms shipment, closely coordinating… first and foremost with America.”

Scholz pledged 14 Leopard 2A6 tanks to Ukraine from the Bundeswehr’s own stocks last month, after the US promised to send some of its own M1 Abrams tanks sometime later this year. In the interview, the German leader dismissed any concerns about his country’s weaponry once again being used against Russian soldiers as “abstruse historical comparisons.”

At a ceremony marking the 80th anniversary of victory at the Battle of Stalingrad on Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said it was “unbelievable but true – we are once again threatened with German Leopard tanks, with crosses on their hull. And once again seeking to battle Russia in Ukraine with the help of Hitler’s followers, the Banderites.”

It is kinda crazy that the entire modern German state is built on believing that Hitler was the most evil person ever known to earth, and then all of these same people who pushed this idea (American occupiers) are demanding Germany basically do a do-over of Hitler’s war.

Obviously, we know that Hitler was good, and his war with Russia was due to his relationship with Stalin, who was bro-tier, being manipulated by the Jews. But nonetheless, the optics of a German attack on Russia in the context of Hitler’s evil being the defining aspect of the German state – it’s nuts, man.

“Those seeking to defeat Russia on the battlefield apparently do not realize that a modern war with Russia would be entirely different for them,” he added, promising a response that goes beyond armored vehicles.

“No, Putin didn’t threaten me or Germany,” Scholz said regarding phone conversations with the Russian leader when the interviewer brought up recent claims by ex-UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The Kremlin stated that Johnson had either deliberately lied about a “missile threat” or simply did not understand what Putin was talking about.

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