Watch: Dark Figure Unleashes Gunshot Storm with Assault Rifle on Suburban Florida Street

The thing you have to know about black people is that they are very dangerous with guns.

They very rarely hit the people they are trying to hit, and very often hit others.

New York Post:

A gunman was caught on camera opening fire on a suburban Florida street in an intense gun battle, terrifying residents as he rained dozens of bullets on houses and cars.

Video footage of the incident obtained by local blog Only in Dade shows what appears to be a man wielding an assault rifle running along a paved surface and ducking for cover as he fires round after round at an off-camera assailant, who can be heard returning fire.

The gunman darts back and forth, exchanging shots with his unseen foe before disappearing from the camera’s view, during which even more intense gunfire can be heard. After the shooting stops the gunman gets into a running car and backs it out of frame.

The local outlet reported more than 100 shots were fired. Windows were shattered, the facades of homes were left pockmarked by the slugs, and vehicles were riddled with bullet holes.

Amazingly, nobody appears to have been injured in the shootout, according to authorities, who have yet to determine a motive for it. Miami Gardens Police did not respond to The Post’s request for comment Monday.

I can’t tell what kind of gun it is.

I’m sure a lot of the readers can.