Sean Hannity Produces Hour-Long Infomercial for IRON DOME

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer

August 6, 2014

Sean Hannity, whose professional occupation is pushing the Jewish lies about the nature of the Jew race onto gullible senior citizens, has produced an hour-long infomercial for the IRON DOME system which the American goyim are paying for at the demand of the Ape President of America Barrack Obama and his Rat Jew puppet master King Bibi.

If I was going to myself produce a satire of the Jewish state, this is what it would look like, to the letter.  I have no need to produce such a satire, because Hannity produced this.

Show description:

Sean Hannity goes to Israel and shows the sophisticated terror tunnels that hamas built in Israel. He also shows what Israel has to go through with the constant threat of missiles and how the iron dome helps protect them from the constant terror threat.

Despite all of the horror, we may be able to see the profound hilariousness, as well as the balls required, to paint serial child-murderers as freedom fighters defending themselves from a villainous enemy.

Can’t help but laugh.