Seattle: Convicted Felon Walks Up to Car, Shoots Pregnant Chinese Woman Multiple Times

Blacks really hate Chinese people.

They’re almost as hateful of China as Tucker Carlson.

We should remember, however, that pregnant women being randomly shot on the street is part and parcel of living in a utopian democracy.

New York Post:

A pregnant Seattle mother and restaurateur died this week after she and her husband were shot in what police say was an unprovoked broad-daylight attack.

Eina Kwon, 34, was shot four times including once in the head while her white Tesla was stopped at a light at Fourth Avenue and Lenora Street around 11 a.m. Tuesday, FOX 13 reported.

Kwon, who was 32 weeks pregnant, was rushed into surgery at Harborview Medical Center, and her baby was delivered by emergency cesarean, KING 5 said.

Kwon was pronounced dead shortly after the baby was born. The infant initially survived, but later also died, the outlet explained.

Kwon’s husband, Sung Kwon, 37, was also injured in the shooting. He was discharged from the hospital on Wednesday.

Police arrested Cordell Maurice Goosby, 30, at the scene shortly after the incident, FOX 13 said.

When he was approached by police, Goosby allegedly raised his hands and said, “I did it, I did it,” court documents obtained by the outlet recalled.

Later, the suspect claimed that he fired into the couple’s Tesla because he thought they had a gun.

Surveillance video, however, shows Goosby running up to the car’s driver’s side with his arm extended, suggesting the attack was unprovoked.

Goosby — who has not been charged, but is named because of his confession to police — is a convicted felon in Illinois, FOX 13 said.

Her name is “Kwon,” so we would have to assume she is Korean, actually.

We would also assume that blacks do not know the difference, and think everyone Asian is Chinese.