Serbia: Fake Country of Montenegro Fixin’ to Steal Orthodox Church Property!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 4, 2020

The war against Serbia is a war against anyone who stands up to ZOG. Even if they’re not standing up now, the potential of formerly rebellious nations to rise up has to be preemptively stopped.

NATO and the Jews weren’t content to just destroy Serbia and create made-up criminal states; they’re also getting their puppets to start stealing churches.


The President of Montenegro, Milo Djukanovic, signed off on legislation on Saturday, 28 December, which would seize churches if the owners are unable to show building permits. What lies behind the controversial new law?

Protesters have been demonstrating in the Montenegrin capital against the law, which they say is part of a campaign of persecution against the Serbian Orthodox Church (SOC).

The “Law On Freedoms Of Religion” demands churches prove ownership before 1918, which was when Montenegro became part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

A word to the wise: there is no such thing as “Montenegrin” and the whole country is even faker and gayer than Hong Kong.  Montenegro is literally just a situation of US bribing a group of Serbs, paying them to play pretend that they’re a county.

All-expense trips to Miami are included.

You just have to Judas the Orthodox Church.

The SOC, which is followed by the overwhelming majority of Montenegro’s predominantly Orthodox Christian population, fears the government will seize its assets, such as ancient monasteries and temples, and give them to the Montenegrin Orthodox Church.

There is no such thing as the Montenegrin Orthodox Church, because there is no such country as “Montenegro.” This “church” is a front organization, much like the Constantinople Patriarchate. Instead of just handing over the properties to the rabbis for demolition, it’s easier to hand it over to a Christian-presenting but totally controlled front group instead.

Protests against the law began in Podgorica and other cities on Sunday, 29 December.

A video showed police officers apparently trying to interrupt a service at Podgorica’s Church of the Resurrection while protesters in the suburb of Zeta threw firecrackers at police.

The situation in the former Yugoslavia is reaching a boil. Serbs are getting abused and oppressed by Albanians, fake NATO shill states and unfortunately by their own occupation government that does nothing to address any of the Serbs’ concerns.

The Orthodox community at large is siding with the occupied Serbs in Montenegro.

And because Montenegro is a Human Rights Freedom Democracy™, the opposition gets arrested by the guy who is preparing an 8th consecutive term as leader of the country.

We know how the system works by now, I hope.

The only way that the situation in all the lands of former Serbia gets solved is if there’s a people’s uprising (unlikely) or Russia intervenes (also unlikely). Most likely, we are just going to see a gradual escalation in anti-Serb violence by Albanians and NATO shills.

One thing is for sure: I think we can all agree that the world would be in a much better place if the Serbian Empire 2.0 project was launched ASAP.