Shock as LEFTIST US Ambassador to Hungary Gives LEFTY Speech Promoting THE LEFT

“Pressman,” huh?

Yeah… yeah.

We know.

No one here needed to check the Wiki. Everyone here knew what was going on as soon as they saw the name and face, and probably, like me, knew as soon as they saw the headline. Everyone here knows what’s going on, and once you know, you can’t stop knowing.

More tiring than the behavior of the Jews is that no one will point out that all these people saying this shit are Jewish (or at the very least, directly working for Jews – though usually it is actual Jews in the positions doing these things).


A keynote speech by the US ambassador to Hungary, David Pressman, sounded more like a “leftist activist” talk than a statement “worthy of an ambassador,” State Secretary at Budapest’s foreign ministry Tamas Menczer has said.

Pressman delivered the controversial speech on Thursday at the Central European University (CEU) in the capital at an event to mark the 25th anniversary of Hungary’s accession to the US-led NATO bloc.

The envoy gave a long list of grievances plaguing ties between Washington and Budapest, ranging from Hungary’s stance on the Russia-Ukraine conflict to its refusal to allow US troops stationed in the country to get local license plates for their family vehicles.

Budapest is now finding itself “increasingly isolated” from the NATO “community of democracies,” the ambassador claimed, insisting that links between the two countries should not depend on their “temporary” leaders.

“We should be mutually concerned for the well-being of democratic values, institutions, and of our relationship – regardless of who has the privilege of temporarily leading either of our governments,” the envoy stated.

Pressman also took personal jabs at Prime Minister Viktor Orban, criticizing him for viewing the US as Hungary’s “adversary,” as well as accusing the country’s government of interfering “in a very blatant way” in the internal affairs of others, “all while decrying foreign interference here at home.”

“PM Orban, who on the one hand baselessly claims the US government is trying to overthrow his government, publicly calls for the political defeat of the President of the United States and actively participates in US partisan political events,” Pressman stated.

The envoy also appeared to issue a thinly-veiled threat aimed at the Orban government, stating that while it “may want to wait out the United States government, the United States will certainly not wait out the Orban administration.”

“While Hungary waits, we will act,” Pressman warned.

The speech was poorly received in Budapest, with Foreign Ministry State Secretary Menczer taking to Facebook to criticize the American envoy, suggesting his hostile remarks were not appropriate for his role at all, as international relations should actually be based on “mutual respect.”

“Hungary has always had great respect for the United States, and it always will. However, today’s speech was not a speech worthy of an ambassador, but rather a speech by a leftist political activist,” Menczer wrote.


No, Mr. Menczer.

It was a speech by a Jew.

For as long as we’re not allowed to say that, these Jews are going to keep doing these things.

As a smart man once said (I forget the guy’s name, but he was really smart):

The Jew is immunized against all dangers: One may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”

You can call him a “leftist activist” all you want.

He will laugh at you and continue to work in an institutionalized way to undermine and destroy your country.

You call him “Jew,” however, and you’re going to see a total freakout.

At some point, people with power are just going to have to start saying the word.

If they don’t, all life on earth will die.