Supreme Court Flips, Now Says Texas Can Arrest Illegal Migrants and Ask Them to Leave [UPDATE: SCOTUS Overruled!]


So, um.

Apparently, a federal appeals court… overrode the US Supreme Court?

I don’t actually know how that is possible, and none of the news articles seem to be explaining it. I’m sure some lawyer could explain whatever logic they used?

I can’t think of another obvious example of SCOTUS being overruled by an appeals court, but I assume (without having read this) that there is some specific part of the law that SCOTUS didn’t address that the appeals court is picking out.

It’s very strange.

Original article follows.

Previously: Supreme Court Extends Block on Texas Law Enabling Cops to Arrest Invaders

So much for the “conservative” Supreme court –

Oh, wait. They’re allowing the arrests now?


But they’re not actually going to deport people. They arrest them and then ask them to please self-deport.


The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday let a Republican-backed Texas law take effect that allows state law enforcement authorities to arrest people suspected of illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, rejecting a bid to block it by President Joe Biden’s administration.

The court has a 6-3 conservative majority, and its three liberal justices dissented, saying Tuesday’s action turns immigration enforcement – typically the province of the federal government – on its head.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said the Texas law will “sow chaos and confusion at our southern border.” Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott called the court’s action “clearly a positive development.”

Haitian cannibals are sowing chaos and confusion at the southern border. Karine Jean is a Haitian cannibal, btw.

But honestly, does it even matter at this point? There are so many millions of these people here, and they breed like rats. At this point, immigration is just kicking a dead horse. Any of you who have (white) grandchildren will die knowing that they will be something like 10% of the American population when they die. That’s the case if they totally close the border to illegal immigration today.

The administration had asked the justices to freeze a judicial order allowing the law to take effect while its challenge to the statute proceeds in lower courts.

The Justice Department sued in January to block the measure, originally set to take effect on March 5. The administration said the law violates the U.S. Constitution and federal law by interfering with the U.S. government’s power to regulate immigration as well as running afoul of a 2012 Supreme Court precedent.

Abbott last December signed the law, known as SB 4, authorizing state law enforcement to arrest people suspected of entering the U.S. illegally, giving local officers powers long delegated to the federal government. Abbott said the law was needed due to Biden’s failure to enforce federal laws criminalizing illegal entry or re-entry.

The Texas law made illegal entry or re-entry into Texas a state crime, with penalties ranging from 180 days in jail to 20 years in prison. It requires Texas magistrate judges to order migrants to return to Mexico, with up to 20-year sentences for those who refuse to comply.

Texas has tried to deter people who cross illegally under its Operation Lone Star using measures including deploying National Guard troops to the border, blocking migrants with concertina wire and installing a floating barrier over a stretch of the Rio Grande.

The ones who get the 20-year prison sentence are ones who are already felons on record. The basic procedure proposed by Abbott is to arrest someone for driving without a license (they are not going door-to-door), then threaten them with 180 days in jail if they don’t agree to leave the country. So they can either go to jail for 180 days (and then be released back into the wild) or just say they will leave (and then just not leave).

No one is going to be deported under this plan. Not even one person. Well, maybe one person, for a media story. Some retard who gets confused in the court and was already planning to go back to Venezuela to see his familia anyway. But that’s gonna be about it.

There are not even any logistics here. How do you deport someone to Venezuela? You buy them a plane ticket?

Why would Venezuela even accept them when they are definitely poor, a criminal, or both?

Look: I’m not trying to disturb you here.

But the only way to get rid of these people is full martial law, where there are door-to-door raids and people are thrown in vans and sent to concentration camps until it can be figured out where they’re supposed to be sent. Some of the countries won’t accept them back, even with bribes, because they know these people are all scum, so either countries will have to be sanctioned for refusing to accept their people, or the people will just have to stay in the camps for the rest of their lives, being sex-segregated so they can’t breed.

That’s the only solution.

Either that, or some type of actual race war.

But listen: if the US economy collapses as a result of the dollar losing its position as global trade currency, a huge percentage of these people will just leave voluntarily, because they are only here for free money in the first place. (It’s a lot easier to have no money in India or Venezuela than it is to have no money in America.)

After that, we can do some type of partition of the United States, where we surrender California, the New York City metro area, and I guess apparently most of Texas to the invaders. I mean, really you just need states to start seceding, then they can negotiate confederacies after that.

The first thing you need is for the US dollar to collapse. That is a prerequisite for anything happening in this gay retarded country. As long as there is a bunch of money laying around, nothing happens.

I don’t know what to tell you. This is just the reality. If you want to go support Donald Trump and then go die in Iran, or have your limbs blown off by autistic Serbian zoomer gamers fighting under the skull banner of a Russian mercenary group, I don’t care. You can go do that. That just speeds up the collapse.

I don’t really care what happens. It’s already over.