Sickening Homosexual Josh Hawley Gaining Support for His Mass Internet Censorship Law

Previously: “Kids Online Safety Act” is Yet Another Gay Internet Censorship and Spying Program

I have no interest in knowing the details of the sickening acts of sodomy that Josh Hawley has doubtlessly engaged in with both men and young boys.

However, I can tell you: nothing Hawley has done to a young boy is as deranged as what he is now attempting to do to the internet.

KOSA is worse than a double fisting of the anus of the internet.

The way the media reports this as if it is literally about “child safety” is truly incredible.

The media just lies, you know?

New York Post:

A fresh legislative push to hold tech giants accountable for child safety is gaining momentum on Capitol Hill – as public outrage grows over online sex predators and AI-generated “deepfake” nudes whose victims have included Taylor Swift.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is among those calling for a total repeal of Section 230 – a longstanding, controversial law that shields social-media platforms from being sued for content that their users post. But industry insiders say another aggressive proposal, the Kids Online Safety Act, or KOSA, is the best bet to actually become law.

The bipartisan bill would impose a legal “duty of care” on tech platforms to protect minors from dangers including harassment, bullying, anxiety and sex abuse – or face enforcement action by the Federal Trade Commission.

The law should be called “BURN THE INTERNET.”

KOSA is a virtual cinch for Senate approval, with a whopping 62 senators — including Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) co-sponsoring the bill as of mid-February.

In a surprise twist, smaller social media platforms X and Snap have broken ranks to support KOSA. Microsoft, which does not operate a social media platform but is facing a looming regulatory crackdown on artificial intelligence, is also in favor of the bill.


Because it is going to be used selectively. Obviously, no one has any ability to define what “harms the safety” of children. The Republicans were originally saying it would ban child tranny propaganda, then admitted it wouldn’t because there is no consensus that is harmful to children.

Conversely, there is surely a consensus in Washington that most memes are harmful to children.

It’s a sign that the Kids Online Safety Act is moving,” one tech policy insider who requested anonymity told The Post. “It’s better to be on the side of kids than being seen against them in a battle they probably lost already.”

On the other side, Fight For The Future — a digital rights advocacy nonprofit — is among the critics who have claimed that KOSA could be weaponized by state attorneys general to suppress viewpoints they oppose and would essentially require the mass surveillance of online activity for underage users.

Sen. Blackburn, a lead sponsor for KOSA, said Section 230 reform to “protect diverse voices from big tech censorship, as well as preventing online child exploitation” was “long overdue.”

This is insane.

Censor people to protect freedom of speech?

That’s no different than “send weapons to the Ukraine and Israel to promote peace.”

These people just spew total gibberish.

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), another longtime critic of the clause who pressed Zuckerberg to explain why Meta hasn’t compensated victims of online abuse, said “it is past time for people to have their day in court.”

No one should have their videos, their images, taken and altered without their say,” said Hawley. “Victims of exploitation should be able to sue the tech companies that allow this to happen, and receive compensation. Enough is enough.”

I’ve had about enough of your sickening faggot make-up face, Josh.

No one has a “right” to prevent images of themselves from being altered. That doesn’t even make any sense. That would make virtually all memes illegal.

This is all protected under the Constitution. Josh Hawley and his co-sponsor Chucky Schumer want to do to the internet what Hawley does to the buttholes of innocent young boys. I know I already made that joke, but I might even make it a third time, because it’s true.

This bill is not only a censorship bill, it’s a mass spying bill. It looks like they want you to scan your Driver’s License to look at social media sites.

I wonder if that will result in the FBI showing up at your door to ask “what you meant” by that post about Israel?

That’s rhetorical, by the way. Of course it will. Josh Hawley knows that. He’s called for a complete shut down on all criticism of Jews, and that might be the main purpose of this, even more than the censorship.

You can’t stop them from passing this law. The only people who can stop it are big tech lobbyists, and a lot of them, as mentioned above, are on-board with it, including that yipping cocksucker Elon Musk. Remember, he talked about “verifying the identity” of posters before he even bought Twitter. For him and others, this is a mass data collection operation that just happens to line up with these other agendas.

It’s funny how the various agendas of bad actors so often line up together, no?