Sino-Friendship in Space: China to Manifest Family Happiness on the Moon

Previously: NASA Says China Planning to Take Over the Moon, Announces New Race to Space

If you land in Guangzhou or Beijing, you feel like you’ve landed on a Moon Base in the year 2186.

Americans simply have no idea how much further technologically advanced China is beyond America.

This is real life: if a rando fat, stupid, sloppy American accidentally got on a plane and landed at Baiyunport, they would think they’d either gone 100+ years into the future, or landed on a different planet of a highly advanced alien species (given that Chinese look a bit like grey aliens, they would probably be more likely to assume the latter).

I think this is like, some kind of secret, actually. It’s weird to me, because I’ve been to China many times over the last 15 years, but when I talk about China, fat Americans will spam me with pictures of dogs hanging in public wet markets and imply that the entirety of Sino-civilization is defined by eating dogs.

Chinese people do eat dogs. That is true. They eat every animal. The first time I was in China, I met a girl from Australia who had massive tits, and I took her to a street BBQ. She asked what the meat was, and I was like “we don’t have the ability to acquire this information.” (This was before smart phones.)

It was delicious. We both said it was delicious. After we ate, I went over to the BBQ man and pointed at the meat and made a dog-barking sound, and he shook his head no – shaking the head no is globally universal because it comes from a child denying a mother’s feeding tit because its tummy is full (that’s a true factoid, I keep telling you people to read these body language books) – and put his fingers up by his ears and made a donkey sound. It was donkey BBQ.

But here’s the thing: China is the oldest civilization in the world, and according to the Chinese, China has existed forever. That is their official cultural doctrine taught in schools. And it is not taught as “some people believe” or “our ancestors believed” – it is taught as a fact. Moreover, they call themselves “the Middle Kingdom,” as they believe that they are what exists between heaven and a world of alien people who are only relevant in terms of their interest in trade. If you are going to reduce the most ancient civilization on earth, with an impenetrable, and mind-numblingly complex alien mindset to a diet you find culturally offensive, that is your prerogative, but you are a true goy.

People accuse me of glorifying China or praising them or whatever. Honestly, I can understand having a personal dislike for Chinese people. The cultural gap is so big that they come across as bizarre to whites. I’ve never asked anyone to praise the Chinese or even support them, I’ve just laid out the facts of these matters.

I’m not fluent in Chinese, but I’m more familiar with the country and the culture than 99.9999% of Americans. I have a better understanding than people I know who have worked there for years and are fluent in Mandarin, because most of them are typical liberals who can’t see things in front of their own faces in terms of the nature of the Chinese racial soul. Most of the people who work there believe “all people are the same” and Chinese will come around to anal democracy. Actually, I don’t think they believe that. I think they tell themselves they believe that, because if they stopped believing it, and admitted that these people are racially different and therefore have a completely different calculus on the nature of man, their entire worldview would collapse.

But even those liberals don’t believe China is a threat to America, in the sense of like, invading the country or doing anything aggressive. You can’t be around these people and think they have some kind of aggressive military agenda. Americans and Westerners project their own ideas about power dynamics onto the Chinese, and anyone who understands it views it along the lines of someone who thinks his cat longs to compose a symphony.

China built massive ships long before whites did, and sailed around Asia. But instead of colonizing, or trying to civilize the local savages, they set up trade routes. Whereas European history is defined by war, African history is defined by people throwing sticks at each other, Chinese history is defined by trade. And we’re pretty much all doing the same things we were doing hundreds or thousands of years ago.

China is a totally insular culture, which is uncomfortable with foreigners, on any level. Xi Jinping is a military genius whose ascent to emperor was on par with that of Napoleon (you can read this story, it’s a long story, but it was effectively a coup – done within the bounds of the law of course, but he played a game of master chess moving from rando bureaucrat to supreme leader). He is an alpha male. When he puts on the Mao suit for the military parades, he projects the power level of any ancient emperor.

But when he is around white people, he acts about as awkward as Mark Zuckerberg (not goofy, just extremely uncomfortable).

Chinese people have only slightly more understanding of white people than white people have of Chinese people. And the only reason they understand white people on any level is that whites are very straightforward about their plan to destroy China so they can rule the world, and that isn’t very complicated. They are also interested enough to analyze white society, with a particular focus on the Jews as an alien ruling elite.

But they are only interested insofar as it applies to them. They do not have any desire to understand our culture or values or anything else beyond what they need to understand to defend themselves against the ZOG global doom machine.

The idea that Chinese people want to conquer and rule America is stupid, and it is the only thing Tucker Carlson says that is more annoying than the UFO stuff. The Chinese model of global domination is a series of trade routes, which put them at the center of a merchant empire. They have no desire to interfere with your life. Your only relevance to them is whether or not you are interested in buying high quality products at reasonable prices.

Here’s the bottom line: your enemies are not in Beijing, and they are not in Moscow. They are in New York, Washington, and Brussels. Anyone who is telling you China is your enemy, or that the Biden people who are trying to start a war with China are secretly working with them somehow, is dumb, schizo, or lying to you on purpose.

Because they have a high average IQ, and they do not have some kind of global ideological agenda, they are functioning extremely competently in industrial society.

I don’t know if it is actually possible to put a base on the Moon, but if it is, they will do that as America continues to mutilate children’s genitals and prattle on about vague and meaningless abstractions supported only by stupid lies.


China on Monday rejected as an irresponsible smear a warning from the chief of NASA that China might “take over” the moon as part of a military programme, saying it has always called for the building of a community of nations in outer space.

The U.S. space agency chief said China’s space programme was a military one and that China had stolen ideas and technology from others.

“This is not the first time that the head of the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration has ignored the facts and spoken irresponsibly about China,” said Zhao Lijian, a spokesman at the Chinese foreign ministry.

“The U.S. side has constantly constructed a smear campaign against China’s normal and reasonable outer space endeavours, and China firmly opposes such irresponsible remarks.”

China has always promoted the building of a shared future for humanity in outer space and opposed its weaponisation and any arms race in space, he said.

NASA is the world’s biggest bunch of assholes and they never even went to the Moon in the first place. It was a staged hoax to try to demoralize the Soviet Union. The Russians were beating the US in every single metric, every single achievement was Russia first, then all of a sudden “hey, we landed on the Moon! Look at this footage! It was really a lot like 2001: A Space Odyssey. Haha, that Kubrick was really a visionary, huh?”

Sad thing is, we can’t ever go back – we lost the technology! That’s according to NASA official Don Pettit, who says he’d love to go back, but we just can’t because we no longer have the 1960s technology that got us there! We destroyed it.

So yeah, I guess China will probably be able to invent new Moon landing technology before the black people who now run NASA figure out how to recreate the technology that was inexplicably destroyed.