Sky News Apologizes After Host Compares Gaza Genocide to the Nazis

They should be apologizing to the Nazis for comparing them to the Jews.


Sky News has issued an apology after a presenter compared an Israeli politician’s proposal for Palestinian refugees to the treatment of Jews during the Holocaust, deeming her words “offensive” and inappropriate.

During a live interview on Friday with Israeli lawmaker and former United Nations envoy Danny Danon, Sky News anchor Belle Donati pressed the Knesset minister on his November 13 opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal, which urged Western nations to take in Gazan families “who have expressed a desire to leave” the war-torn enclave.

While Donati described Danon’s proposal as a form of “ethnic cleansing,” the politician soon interrupted to insist that he had never used those words, stressing that his op-ed spoke only of “voluntary immigration” for willing refugees.

The host then shot back: “Yes, the sort of ‘voluntary relocation’ of many Jewish people during the Holocaust, I imagine, was not voluntary,” prompting an outraged reaction from Danon, who slammed the comment as a “shameful, anti-Semitic equation.”

It was literally voluntarily relocation of the Jews during the reign of Adolf Hitler. It was only after the war started that Jews were put in camps. By the way, there is no evidence that anyone was ever murdered with delousing spray in the camps, whereas Israel openly admits to slaughtering innocent families in Gaza.

It’s not fair to the Nazis to make this comparison.

By the way: can you imagine the nerve of these Jews, claiming the Gazans are savage, murderous animals, and then claiming they should all move to white countries so Jews can keep their land?