BGM Drops Roger Waters Over His Comments About Israel

When you start talking about Jews having power, all of a sudden, powerful Jews come down on you and destroy your life.

This proves that it’s an antisemitic canard to claim that Jews have power. Otherwise, why would you have your life destroyed for saying it?

The Guardian:

The music rights company BMG is parting ways with the Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters over comments he made about Israel, Ukraine and the United States, Variety reported on Monday.

The Germany-based company had signed a publishing agreement with the 80-year-old musician in 2016 and was scheduled to release a newly recorded version of Pink Floyd’s 1973 album Dark Side of the Moon last year, but ultimately scrapped the release upon the hiring of Thomas Coesfeld as CEO. The re-recording was ultimately released by the UK-based record label Cooking Vinyl.

The split, unusual for a major publishing deal, is the latest fallout from Waters’ increasingly divisive rhetoric over Israel, which some have criticized as being antisemitic in recent months.

The rocker has remained defiant over numerous backlashes, such as a German police investigation over a “Nazi-style” costume worn on stage in Berlin last year. In April 2023, he won a legal battle allowing him to play in Frankfurt, after magistrates of the German city had instructed the venue to cancel a concert and accused Waters of being “one of the most widely known antisemites in the world”. He denounced the war in Ukraine but spoke to the United Nations security council at Russia’s invitation, claiming that its 2022 invasion of Ukraine was “not unprovoked”.

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A 2023 investigation into Waters by the Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) interviewed former co-workers of Waters who alleged the musician had made repeated derogatory references to Jewish people. The CAA has also published emails from Waters in which he proposed that an inflatable pig floating above his concerts should be scrawled with an antisemitic slogan; in emails from 2010, he also suggested “bombing” audiences with confetti in the shape of swastikas, stars of David, dollar signs and other symbols.

Why are you not allowed to make derogatory references to Jewish people?

Seriously, is that not a valid question?

Why are these people above criticism?

Because of the Holocaust?

How long does that last for? If they became above criticism because of the Holocaust, surely there must be an expiry date? They can’t just be totally immune from critique forever, and just allowed to control everything and kill whoever they want until the end of time.

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