Losing Badly, Jews Start New Round of Tunnel Flooding

The Jews have been trying to flood these tunnels for weeks.

They’ve had very little success.

The goal appears to be to kill the hostages so they no longer have an obligation to free the hostages.

The tunnel system is too vast to flood the whole thing. Hamas has the ability to cut off certain tunnels if they’re flooded and keep the rest of the tunnel system operating.

New York Post:

Israel finally admitted Tuesday that it is pumping seawater into Hamas’ tunnels to try to dismantle the terror group’s underground network in Gaza — a move that the US has warned could endanger the hostages.

After more than a month of declining to comment on reports that the Israel Defense Forces was flooding Hamas tunnels using water from the Mediterranean Sea, Israeli officials finally acknowledged they are using the tactic.

“The IDF has implemented new capabilities during the war, with the aim of neutralizing underground terrorist infrastructure, including by channeling large volumes of water into them,” the Israeli military said in a statement on X.

“This is a significant tool in combating the threat of Hamas’ underground terrorist infrastructure,” the IDF added.

US officials have expressed concerns over the strategy, warning that it could endanger the lives of the more than 100 hostages still being held by Hamas.

It is not clear whether any of the hostages are still in the tunnels.

Experts have also warned about the possible effects that pumping seawater underground could have on Gaza’s limited clean water supply, as well as possibly polluting the soil with hazardous materials from Hamas’ weapons hidden in the tunnels.

Everyone is pointing out that Israel is losing this war, badly. We’re four months in, and their progress towards the stated goal of “destroying Hamas” is effectively zero. Rockets are still firing into Israel every day. Hamas is still taking out tanks and killing IDF soldiers (we don’t even know how many). Israel has repeatedly murdered their own hostages, including some that were waving white flags.

However, they’ve definitely managed to kill a lot of children, women, and old people. They’ve now slaughtered more than 1% of the population of Gaza. There’s no evidence that they’ve killed significant numbers of Hamas.

But this was always the agenda. They just had to look like they were doing a war. The real goal was something else entirely, which was based on killing innocents.

Here’s the outline:

  • Bibi’s goal is a war with Iran, not solving the Gaza problem, which was really not a problem (see: https://www.brookings.edu/articles/how-to-fix-gaza/)
  • Iran had consistently stated that all of these proxies would start attacking US bases and the shipping lines if Israel started a massacre in Gaza
  • Bibi let the attack happen (I think with the insider trading, you can’t really argue that point; Hamas wasn’t doing the trading, and if there was any possibility of people believing that, they would be talking about it)
  • The purpose of the Gaza operation is to create atrocities, which is why they went full-on, knowing they would lose (I don’t think they thought they would lose this bad, but they obviously knew there was no military solution to Hamas, which is why they never tried to do this earlier)
  • This is eventually going to work; the retaliation attacks from all of these Shia militias are not going to stop, and allowing American soldiers to get blown up all over the place while regional shipping is totally shut down is non-viable

We are now talking about a war with Iran after those soldiers were killed in Jordan.

So: is Israel losing?

Or is everything going according to plan?