#SlutsForPalestine is Going to End with #BurkasForSluts

I love watching these videos of stupid whores agreeing with everything I say about the Jews.

It feels like a dream has come true.

These sluts are so retarded, they have no idea that the Jews they are now opposing are the selfsame Jews who gave them all of these freedoms, and that when those Jews go down, their freedoms are going down with them.

When the Jews are out of power, we will raise an army of incels, and these bitches will be in cages.

Reality is going to snap back into place like a rubber band when we have the ability to stand up and call out the fact that the entire US system is controlled by the Jews, and they are not trying to help.

It has crossed my mind that maybe women know this, and want it. It wouldn’t be a conscious thought, but it would be an explanation for the behavior. I think in general, women, like children, act up because they want to be disciplined.

Any book about child-rearing (that isn’t written by the Jews) will tell you that children test boundaries to see what they are allowed to do, and they are looking to be restrained at some point, so they know where the behavioral lines are. In the West, we’ve told women “there are literally no lines. You can just do whatever you want and you will never be punished for it, ever. Even if you like, literally murder someone, you can start crying in court, and you’ll basically get a slap on the wrist.”

On some level, women would prefer men be masculine and in control, but when they are given the temptation to act outside of natural bounds, they will act on it every time, even though there is something in their minds that understands that there should be consequences.

In Asia, in China in particular you can observe, women technically have “rights,” but they act feminine and stay in their place because they know that if they step out of place some man is going to stand up and make them cry. I don’t understand Chinese very well, but I’ve at several points witnessed a woman starting to get out of control and some random man in the vicinity standing up and saying a few harsh-sounding words and the woman going silent.

This is to say: in cultures with normal and healthy gender dynamics, women understand where the boundaries are.

The liberation of women is a Jewish atrocity against humanity, and when the Jews are gone, there is not going to be anyone propping up this system of vaginal dominance. When Israel goes down, the entire Jewish project is going down with it. Jewish identity is so tied to Israel, that they won’t be able to untether, and will go down with the ship, losing all of their power in the West as they become widely viewed as enemies – a bunch of baby-killing monsters.

The Jews are already exposed. There is a bit of a lag on reality, but we are already seeing the stirrings of a pogrom.

We will have justice for Palestine.

We will have justice for everyone.

We will be free.

We will never forget what these Jews did to all of us.