Chair of Harvard Antisemitism Task Force Accused of Antisemitism for Stating Facts

America would be a better country if the elite universities were run by blacks, Arabs, and self-hating Jews, all obsessed with Israel. Apparently, this is what we have now.

We should start seeing improvements in the society very soon.

New York Post:

Harvard University has created a task force to fight antisemitism on campus — and the effort is already embroiled in controversy.

The co-chair of the school’s newly appointed Presidential Task Force on Combating Antisemitism once declared “veins of hatred run through Jewish civilization,” according to his 2023 book.

Israel’s dispossession of Palestinians from their land and oppression of those who remain have made it one of the most disliked countries on the planet,” Jewish history professor Derek Penslar claimed in his tome, “Zionism: An Emotional State,” in which he wrote, “Jewish culture was steeped in fantasies (and occasionally, acts) of vengeance against Christians.”

Derek Penslar

The task force, announced Friday, comes as the university continues to roil in the fallout from recently ousted president Claudine Gay.

“Reports of antisemitic and Islamophobic acts on our campus have grown, and the sense of belonging among these groups has been undermined. We need to understand why and how that is happening—and what more we might do to prevent it,” Harvard’s interim president Alan Garber said in a statement announcing the new initiative.

Yeah – they replaced Gay with Garber, a Jew.

In the days after Gay’s resignation, Penslar publicly downplayed the campus antisemitism he is now charged with investigating, telling the Jewish Telegraphic Agency outsiders had “exaggerated” the issue.

In August 2023, Penslar signed onto a letter from a group called Academics4Peace, in which Israel was derided as a “regime of apartheid,” guilty of “Jewish supremacism.”

The Post doesn’t even bother mentioning that Penslar is Jewish.

It’s still all Jews everywhere. Jews control the anti-Israel movement for the most part. Some of it is “controlled opposition” type stuff, but some of it is a genuine belief, I’m sure.

It’s going to be impossible to find people to defend Israel without bringing in some fat evangelical boomer. No one in academia wants to defend Israel.