Australia: Women and Non-Whites Protest National Day, Attack Monuments

It’s bedlam on the streets of every white country!

The white women have allied with the invading army of foreign brown people, and they’re going to start killing us VERY SOON!!!

Nah, I mean. It’s cool. I don’t know when the killing is going to start or how bad it will get.

But this is totally insane, what is happening in our countries.

These are the same people mutilating little kids as part of the gay agenda, which is in itself fueled by satanists who think they’re going to live forever by tricking people into committing collective suicide because it will change the weather.

Nothing is normal here.

The Guardian:

Thousands of Australians protested against the anniversary of British colonisation on Friday, with large crowds across the country calling for Australia Day to be moved and for a day of mourning to instead be held on what they call “Invasion Day”.

Invasion of who??

The Abos, who were just wandering around the woods naked, having sex with their own kids?

They hadn’t even figured out the connection between sex and pregnancy!

Speeches in major cities highlighted anger and despair over high Indigenous incarceration rates, deaths in custody and the forced removal of First Nations children from their families. The rallies come months after the proposal for an Indigenous voice to parliament was overwhelmingly defeated at a national referendum.

The whites were a gift to these people.

If the whites hadn’t come, the Maoris would have come over from New Zealand, and just outright genocided them. The Abos would be an extinct race if whites hadn’t showed up to play savior and baby them.

This theory of “evil whites” is all insane and the opposite of facts.

In Victoria, the host of the Invasion Day rally congratulated those who chopped Captain Cook off a statue in St Kilda on Thursday, drawing applause from the crowd outside parliament. “This is massive. I’m really, really proud of our city,” he said. “I’m really proud of the people who took action yesterday.”



I guess people would all prefer this to being called “racist.”

That’s the decision everyone seems to have made here.

Some attenders at the Melbourne rally held signs noting the destruction with the words “the colony will fall”, the same phrase that was spray-painted on the statue’s plinth.

The rallies in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane also heavily featured Palestinian flags and the keffiyeh, a traditional scarf that has grown to symbolise the struggle for a Palestinian state.

Australia Day, held on 26 January, commemorates the arrival of the British fleet in Sydney harbour in 1788.

When the fleet arrived, the land was deemed unoccupied, despite the fact the island continent has been continuously occupied by Indigenous groups for more than 40,000 years. For growing numbers of Australians, the highly sensitive date is not a time for celebration, but instead marks the date that the colonisation of Australia began, accompanied by the mistreatment of Indigenous people.

It’s because they’re teaching this at schools to women and brown people who will believe anything.

The Jews are using these people to commit a genocide against white people.

It’s out in front of everyone. Not a secret. Very obvious.

On Friday, Brooke Prentis, a descendant of the Wakka Wakka people and an Aboriginal Christian leader, attended a large rally in Brisbane and said she held no ill-will towards those enjoying the day.

“I love the lamington, I love the barbie, I love the lamb chop,” said Prentis, referring to common Australia Day foods and activities. “But the date needs to be thought about as a day of mourning, so that we can mature as a nation.

“I’m not telling anyone to change what they do on Australia Day, but maybe just think about the First Nations people.”


They’re changing what they’re doing.

What are you supposed to think about the “first nations”?

About huffing gas and having sex with their own kids and then dying from being run over by a truck because they sleep on the road?

No one wants to think about these people because it is sad and disgusting.

The marches date back to shortly after 1935, the year that 26 January was first recognised as a day of national celebration. First Nations people deemed it a day of mourning. In more recent decades, overt signs of patriotism, including wearing flag-adorned clothing on the public holiday, have become common.

There has also been a growing push to change the date of the national celebration, a move popular with younger Australians but less so with older generations. Terms such as Invasion Day and Survival Day are now routinely used as a means of counter-observance.


Go do a “counterinvasion day” against the people flooding your own country! Or come to Texas and do it!

You’re white!

What is the point of being against yourself???

But the conservatives are fighting back!

They’re not racists, mind you.

They just believe in the values of our liberal democracy, which is being threatened by… Hamas and so on.

The conservative opposition leader, Peter Dutton, earlier called for a boycott of the supermarket Woolworths over its decision to stop stocking Australia Day merchandise, a decision the group said was due to a lack of customer demand rather than a commentary on the date. Shortly after, some Woolworths stores were vandalised with pro-Australia Day messages.

Friday’s public holiday was the first Australia Day since the unsuccessful “voice” referendum, an issue raised at many of the rallies.

It’s beyond the pale.

These women need to be put in cages.

Snake Baker contributed to this article.