Japan: 3 Vibrant Gaijin Sue Government Over Racial Profiling by Police

You should notice with the attempts by the Western media to destroy Japan by making it multi-racial, they will even come out and defend white people who are being “oppressed” by the racial restrictions in Japan.


Three foreign-born residents of Japan filed a lawsuit on Monday against the national and local governments over alleged illegal questioning by police based on racial profiling.

It is the first such lawsuit in Japan, according to the plaintiffs’ lawyers, and comes amid a sharp rise in the number of foreign workers coming to the country to help stem labour shortages as its population ages and declines.

It also comes amid a renewed debate over what it means to be and look Japanese, after a Ukrainian-born, naturalised Japanese citizen was crowned Miss Japan last week.


How is Reuters allowed to editorialize this supposed connection?

The three men filed the lawsuit with the Tokyo District Court demanding that the national, Tokyo Metropolitan and Aichi Prefecture governments recognise that it is illegal for police officers to stop and question people solely on the basis of their race, nationality or ethnicity.

Nigga didn’t even bother wearing a suit. Indian bro sure did though. Looking fancy af, ready to solve some crimes of inequity.

The plaintiffs say they have suffered distress from repeated police questioning based on their appearance and ethnicity, which they say is a violation of the constitution.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Aichi Prefectural Government and National Police Agency all declined to comment, while representatives of the Ministry of Justice could not be reached.

They and their legal team arrived at Tokyo District Court around midday and spoke to media outside before heading in to file their case.

One of the plaintiffs, Matthew, a man of Indian descent who has lived in Japan for more than 20 years and holds permanent residency, said he had been questioned by police countless times. He said he is afraid to go out for fear of being stopped again.

“I never knew what social withdrawal was until recently,” he said, declining to provide his surname for fear of harassment. “I feel like every time I finish work, I’m hiding in my house.”

Why didn’t you know that for the first 20 years?

Japan just became racist now? Or is it that it just now became fertile enough grounds for a lawsuit, due to the empowerment of women in the last decade?

Japan has a long history of common sense