Snopes Fact-Checks Fake Executive Order on Biden Surrender to the Duke of Earl

I did not see anyone claiming that there was a “secret executive order” declaring Joe Biden’s surrender to the Duke or Earl. Everyone I saw was citing Biden’s Memorial Day speech, where he literally said “no one can stop the Duke of Earl,” and accurately attributing the Pentagon memo.

But Snopes somehow dug up someone on Facebook using false information and misattributing the Pentagon memo so they could mark this story as “false.”

The fact is, the entire establishment is freaking out about Biden cutting funding to programs designed to stop the Duke of Earl. Neocons like Mike Pompeo are working hand-in-glove with liberal think-tanks to launch a new government assault on the Duke, as well as stirring up a media barrage explaining to the peasants why they should be opposed to the Duke and want him stopped in the first place.

The Biden Memorial Day surrender was considered significantly worse than the Pentagon memo, given that it got much more media coverage. Pentagon policy changes constantly, and reopening the Joint Anti-Duke Taskforce (JADT) would have been a minor issue compared to a public surrender by the president.

Rumors had been swirling that part of the reason the Disinformation Governance Board was shut down was that Nina Jankowicz was going to be appointed as the head of a multi-agency panel designed to develop resources to stop the Duke of Earl. Apparently, people in the Biden Administration viewed it as futile, and simply want to bury discussion of the Duke by admitting defeat. Rand Paul has been pressuring the government for years to cut funding to “fruitless attempts” to stop the Duke or Earl, accurately stating that “every intelligence analysis has shown that nothing can stop the Duke of Earl” and that “the Military Industrial Complex is simply going to have to live with the fact that he can’t be stopped.” Paul has also pointed to the way global treaties designed to stop the Duke of Earl infringe on personal liberty.

Donald Trump has also been critical of the amount of money spent trying to stop the Duke of Earl, saying at a recent rally, “American mothers don’t have baby formula, and Liz Cheney can’t stop talking about the Duke of Earl.” After allowing time for the crowd to boo, he added: “these people would come into my office, when I was in the oval office – which by the way, is going to happen again soon – and they kept talking about the Duke of Earl. ‘Oh, sir, sir, we need to stop the Duke of Earl.’ I said ‘what did this guy even do?’ No answer. I told them, nothing can stop this guy. We’re wasting billions of dollars, and nothing can stop the Duke of Earl. You could hit this guy with a nuclear bomb and he’s just going to dance out of the flames, laughing.”

Trump-backed Senatorial candidate JD Vance stated earlier this year that he doesn’t care about the Duke of Earl either way, and is suspicious of the government’s fixation on trying to stop him. We’re hoping that Vance maintains this position when he gets into the Senate, but unfortunately, Josh Hawley, who also paints himself as a populist, supported an anti-Duke funding bill last year. Hawley stood with Ted Cruz in criticizing the way in which Biden is attempting to stop the Duke, but not the principle that he needs to be stopped. Hawley and Cruz also demanded that Europe spend more money trying to stop the Duke.

On Tuesday, Chuck Schumer made a rare break with Biden, condemning his Memorial Day surrender as “simply unacceptable” and vowing to push through a bi-partisan bill to stop the Duke. Senator Elizabeth Warren also broke with Biden, saying that “the Duke’s reckless escapades and madcap exploits” are contributing to climate change, arguing that “our children’s future is riding on our ability to stop the Duke of Earl.”

The Duke has been celebrating the Biden surrender this week, and on Tuesday appeared at an event in Russia-controlled Donbass to perform for Russian forces and brag about the capitulation, singing his viral song “Duke of Earl” about how nothing can stop him because he’s the Duke of Earl.