Afghan Commerce Minister Goes to Belt and Road Forum in Beijing

Unlike the United States, which is a satanic shithole filled with Jews and the worst human garbage from Mexico and Africa, Afghanistan is a serious country run by serious people.

They are about to start making some serious money with the Chinese, while Americans continue to dump all their cash into endless Jewish wars and aid programs for immigrants and the blacks.


The Taliban’s acting commerce minister Haji Nooruddin Azizi arrived in Beijing on Tuesday to attend the Belt and Road Forum, the Afghan embassy said, which is among the highest-profile summits it has been invited to since taking power in 2021.

Beijing has sought to grow its official ties with the Taliban administration ever since U.S. and other foreign forces withdrew from the country two years ago, despite its lack of formal recognition by any government. The impoverished country could offer a wealth of coveted mineral resources.

Azizi arrived at noon, an embassy spokesperson told Reuters by phone.

Haji Nooruddin Azizi

China’s Foreign Ministry said: “China has noted that the interim government of Afghanistan said it hopes to take the ride of the ‘Belt and Road’… and realise national stability and economic development as soon as possible”, when asked whether inviting the Taliban showed Beijing wanted to strengthen its ties with the diplomatically-isolated group.

Azizi will invite “large investors” to Afghanistan and continue discussions with Chinese officials on plans to build a road through the Wakhan corridor, a thin, mountainous strip in the country’s north, a commerce ministry spokesperson said.

Afghanistan has all kinds of mines.

China is going to open them and start printing money.

The United States could be making money with the Chinese.

The whole world could be like that money making montage from Scarface.

But instead, the US wants to start wars with the whole world to try to force everyone to have gay sex.


Well, the best explanation we have is that the country is run by the Jews.

Snake Baker contributed to this article.